Decoda 1.07 released

Decoda 1.07 is now available for download. Here’s the change list:

  • Added option to automatically load the last project on startup (under Tools/Settings/Editor)
  • Fixed bug where calling lua_pcall with no error handler would cause problems with some implementations of Lua
  • Fixed bug where local variables and up values with nil values that shadowed global variables were not properly displayed in the watch window
  • Fixed issues when using split views in the editor
  • Fixed issue where the debugger window was not brought to the foreground when a breakpoint or exception was hit
  • Changed Find in Files dialog to start out with the text selected
  • Added saving of Find in Files search text history
  • Fixed crash bug when calling lua_load with two identical chunk names, one of which was preceded by a @ symbol
  • Fixed bug where strings enclosed in single quotes were not properly syntax colored
  • Fixed crash bug when adding new lines at the end of a file during a debugging session
  • Fixed issue where implementations of Lua that redefined lua_Number would not display numbers properly in the Watch window
  • Fixed issue where multiple scripts with the same file name (but in different directories) would not be displayed separately in the project during a debugging session

You can either use the auto-update function built into Decoda, or grab the latest installer from here. There’s no need to uninstall the current version when updating.

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