Decoda 1.05 released

Decoda 1.05 is now available for download. Here’s the change list:

  • Changed the watch window to evaluate expressions in the context of the currently selected stack level (rather than the union of all of them)
  • Added displaying of expression lists in the watch window (can come from functions that return multiple values)
  • Fixed bug where pressing return in the watch window on some keyboards didn’t work properly
  • Fixed bug where the first level of the call stack was not displayed as selected when hitting a breakpoint
  • Fixed crash in applications that link with Lua 5.0 using the cdecl calling convention
  • Changed the backend to look for a PDB file with the same base name if the symbols for a module could not be loaded with the name specified in the CodeView data
  • Fixed bug where the handles to the executable module files were not properly closed when the debugging session ended
  • Fixed bug where error messages from evaluating watch expressions were incorrectly displayed in some Lua linking configurations
  • Fixed bug where the user supplied error handler to lua_pcall was no always invoked when an error occurred
  • Changed the watch window to use the type name rather than the type constant value to improve compatibility with modified versions of Lua

You can either use the auto-update function built into Decoda, or grab the latest installer from here. There’s no need to uninstall the current version when updating.

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