Decoda 1.04 released

Decoda 1.04 is now available for download. This release delivers improved compatibility, bug fixes and extra polish. Here’s the change list:

  • Fixed compatibility with MFC applications
  • Fixed compatibility with applications that incorrectly return a chunk size of 0 from a lua_Reader to signal the end of the data
  • Changed all temporary scripts loaded during the debugging process to be displayed with Lua syntax highlighting regardless of their extension
  • Fixed issue where decoda_name would trigger an undeclared variable access when using strict.lua
  • Fixed crash bug when displaying tables that contained references to themselves in the watch window
  • Fixed bug where some items (tail calls, C functions) were displayed as blanks on the call stack
  • Fixed bug where tables that contain userdata values were displayed improperly in the watch window
  • Changed find In files dialog to default with the currently selected text
  • Changed the watch window to automatically select the next item when editing or deleting an item
  • Fixed bug where typing a number or symbol in the watch window wouldn’t begin editing of the item
  • Fixed bug where resizing the watch window would cause all of the items to be unnecessarily updated
  • Fixed bug where non-Lua files were parsed as Lua for the Project Explorer window

As usual, you can either use the auto-update function built into Decoda, or grab the latest installer from here.

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