Decoda 1.02 released

We just released Decoda 1.02, which includes bug fixes, support for LuaPlus wide-character strings, and a number of user interfaces enhancements. We also released 1.01 last week which patched a few problems we saw once we launched. If you have auto-updates enabled (default) then Decoda will ask you if you would like to automatically download and install the new version.

Windows Vista users: In this release we’ve addressed a problem that prevented the auto-updater from working with Vista Standard user accounts. Since the problem exists in the current version, to apply the 1.02 patch you will need to manually download and run the installer, available here. There’s no need to uninstall the existing version on your computer. Once this is done, future releases should auto-update properly.

Here’s the combined change list for versions 1.01 and 1.02:

  • Fixed bug where tables that contained functions were not displayed properly in the expanded Watch window view
  • Fixed bug where the auto-updater would fail under Vista Standard accounts (now prompts to Administrator access)
  • Fixed bug where the user would not be prompted to save a file when closing it via the Window/Close menu option
  • Fixed bug where files could not be opened by dragging them onto the window when a document was open
  • Fixed deadlock when starting a new debugging session with values in the Watch window after a debugging session had already been run
  • Fixed bug where the Watch window was not updated when a debugging session ended
  • Added support for displaying LuaPlus wide-character strings in the Watch window
  • Added support for displaying wide-character strings stored as normal Lua strings and strings that contain embedded zeros in the Watch window
  • Added window list to the notebook tab bar
  • Added middle click for closing a notebook tab
  • Added a context menu when right clicking on a notebook tab with access to save, close and source control options
  • Pressing enter in the quick watch dialog now re-evaluates the expression
  • Added support for searching multiple file types in the Find in Files dialog
  • Improved error reporting when the file associations could not be updated on limited access accounts

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback or purchased a license for Decoda!

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