Constellation program launched, v1.1 update

The Constellation membership program is now open for business. This is a way for the NS community to help support and speed ongoing development of Natural Selection. Click the Constellation link on the navigation bar for more information. Thanks for your support.

NS v1.1 continues to make giant strides. There were some new feature announcements this week on the General forum, including some information about the Onos’ new "Devour" ability, and new features in the Commander Mode. These are just a few of the massive changes going into 1.1, but suffice it to say, the gameplay is going to completely change. The tech tree is being reworked for both sides, new abilities and technologies are being added, and even the resource model is undergoing big changes.

Along with bug-fixes, HLTV support, spectator support, VALVe’s Anti-Cheat technology and all these new features, expect to see quite a few new maps, new content and a bunch of surprises. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Playtesting for v1.1 hasn’t started yet, but will start in the next couple weeks.

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