Constellation beta coming!

As we announced shortly before Christmas, we’re going to open the test of Natural Selection 3.0 Beta 6 to the Constellation members. We are now testing beta 6 with the Constellation members, Playtesters, and Developers.

If you are a Constellation member and interested in participating in the test, please keep an eye on the Constellation forum (the password to which can be found in your notes). You may also receive mail if your profile e-mail address is up to date. If you’d like to participate, you can donate, and then check your profile ‘notes’ after you’ve been authorized for links to the download.

The test build is based on the [file=changelogs/v30b6-changelog.html]beta 6 changelog[/file] that was announced before Christmas, which has only been slightly extended since then.

We’ll see you in-game!