CAL pre-pre-season broadcast tonight

In preparation for the first season of the CAL-NS league, there is a pre-pre-season tournament (not quite pre-season). There are 16 clans are competing tonight, on Eclipse, Nothing, Veil and Tanith. In addition, these matches will be broadcast to the public using Half-life TV!

To watch these matches live, with match commentary by the NS dev team, simply click the links below. You don’t need anything else installed besides NS 2.0. The tournament starts at around 8pm EST.

HLTV #1 (thanks Lightning Blue!)
HLTV #2 (thanks Nero!)

Notes: You will probably see some harmless errors while connecting. Just ignore them. Also, player models may not be updated correctly when you first join, so you may see skulks that look like marines or vice-versa. These two servers will broadcast the semi-finals, and the finals (pick either link).

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