Big weekend

This looks like a big NS weekend so far. The first thing that’s going to be happening is the unveiling of the new NS site. This site will be shutdown by the end of the weekend, and the new site will be live sometime early next week, probably by Monday. The new site has lots of new functionality:

Permanent player profiles allow community members to build a name and reputation for themselves in NS and through all of our games. You can upload your photo, change your SteamID (so your icon is always up to date!), view your recent forum posts, e-mail other players, and more.
Instant Constellation registration activation.
– New mailing lists mean easier access to mapping information, Constellation happenings and information on NS and future games.
Player-submitted news items, gallery images, mirror links, community links, frequently asked questions and more. After approval by moderators, these items are then published.
– The new site is now known as!

During the transition, you may experience some site outage and your in-game icon may not work properly. All members of the NS forums will have their new profiles pre-created for them, preserving their post count, join date, etc. When you get to the new site, you’ll want to log in to your profile with your forum handle and password, and make sure your name, e-mail address and SteamID are current.

The second big thing happening this weekend is the CAL finals! It all happens Sunday, and if these matches are anything like the pre-final matches this seasons, they will be a real treat to watch.

Terror vs. Scientifically Unstoppable – 5:30 PST (8:30 EST)
Gorge Loving vs. Reflect – 7:30 PST (10:30 EST)

The HLTV information for these matches will be broadcast on #naturalselection around 30 minutes before the match. Good luck to these amazing teams, and hope to see you there!