ANSL announced and 4th anniversary plans

The American Natural Selection League was created to replace CAL as the premier competitive league for NS. Its admins are exclusively experienced competitive players who not only run the league, but are players in it as well. The league aims to improve the relations between public server communities and competitive players with an open
league for non-veteran teams.

This means that newer teams will not be playing experienced teams in the league, they will be playing each other. Right now we have four registered teams in each division, and would really like to see at least four more in each. Matches will be starting this week. Interested parties should visit the in-production website at, stop by and visit us on IRC at #ansl ( is the server), or send an email to

Also, we are planning on releasing the next Unknown Worlds site and announcing the next NS game Tuesday, October 31st (the fourth anniversary of NS)! Stay tuned!