3.0 beta 3 released!

NS v3.0 beta 3 is now publically available from the downloads page! Lots of great improvements in this version, and many updated maps. Click here for the [file=changelogs/v30b3-changelog.html]full changelog[/file]. Note that Xfire won’t support NS until Thursday, at which time it will automatically update. Thanks to the Xfire people for supporting NS!

In tournament news, the second NSPlayer.com invite tournament just concluded in a stunning set of three games. The ever-unconventional stf clan faced off with Hybrid, on ns_origin in some explosive matches. Check the front page of NSPlayer.com and scroll down a bit to read the full match reports, download the demos, and read the after-game interviews. We saw relocations, aggressive triple-sieges, phase-pushes, and much more. These are matches to watch and learn from.

Have fun with beta 3!