3.0 beta 2 released!

NS v3.0 beta 2 is now publically available! Here’s the [file=changelogs/v30b2-changelog.html]complete changelog[/file]. The patch is 10 megs, and is available from our downloads page. The full client install and dedicated server builds will be updated shortly, but for now, you’ll to install the full client or dedicated server, then apply the patch.

Thanks to Nemesis Zero, Comprox, and Joev, the forums are now back up! Head on over to give your feedback on the beta.

In other news, this weekend marks the opening weekend for the first beta Battle For the Galaxy tournament! This is some cool stuff:

Battle for the Galaxy is a tournament for the Natural Selection mod taken to an Epic Level. Instead of fighting independently or with a small clan-sized group, participants enlist in a massive force of Marines or Aliens composed of hundreds of players. Each player enlisted only fights on one side (alien or marine) called a "force" for the duration of the campaign, so the destiny of every player in that force rests not only on their own skill, but on the teamwork and commitment of their teammates. Individual battles take place over 12 hour marathon clashes, across multiple servers, during which hundreds of combatants enter the fray and struggle alongside their comrades for as long as they choose. When the battle is over and the smoke clears, the results from all the servers are compiled and the victors secure the region the battle represents.

The tournament incorporates a realistic command structure with Commanding Officers and Alien Leaders. By demonstrating your skill and ability to assist in a team effort, you raise yourself above your peers and become a candidate for being promoted to a leadership position: setting the stage for your climb into the ranks of the upper echelons.

Get yourself registered for this free tournament at:

See you on the battlefield!