We are Disabling Steam Cloud Saves for Below Zero

Posted by Donya 3 years ago

Hello, Subnauts!

As you may be aware, we were excited to introduce Steam Cloud save capability with the final Early Access update for Below Zero, Seaworthy.

We have heard all of your feedback about how Steam Cloud saves have been working for Below Zero and have made the difficult decision to disable the feature.

With Steam Cloud saves enabled for the last several weeks, we can say definitively that it’s not quite ready for prime time. For us, this boils down to two factors: speed and reliability. Steam Cloud saves are currently taking too long for some players, and we have also received a few concerning reports of saves disappearing. The latter seems exceptionally rare but where saves are concerned, we feel that it is better to err on the side of caution.

There should be no impact to your existing saves. They should remain locally on your computer and you can load them as normal. 

Should you need to access your save games on another computer, you will need to transfer your saves manually. You can find your saved games in the SubnauticaZero\SNAppData\SavedGames\ folder, or by going into the game properties on Steam and browsing Local Files. (The drive Below Zero is located on will differ depending on where you chose to store the game.)

We’d like to support Steam Cloud saves moving forward (it’s something we want as players as well!) but will do so with a more robust implementation. We can definitely say it won’t be ready in time for our May 14 launch but we are considering this a priority.

Thank you again for all of your support and feedback.

Happy diving!


Steam Cloud Saves FAQ


What happens to my saves?

There should be no impact to your existing saves. Only that you’ll need to transfer them manually if you want to move them between computers. We have been assured that even existing saves in the “cloud” will be unaffected.


Help! My save files are gone!

Send us an email at subnautica-support@unknownworlds.com. We probably can’t recover them, but we would love to work with you to learn what happened and help other players. 


Can I download my saves that were stored in the cloud if I deleted them locally? 

No. Well, not at the moment. Any save that is in the cloud should be preserved until we turn Steam Cloud saves back on. But you will not be able to access them until that time. They are both there and not there. Schrodinger’s saves.


Aw man, I love cloud saves! 

Us too, we’re definitely bringing them back! We need a little extra time to perfect it first.


What are Steam Cloud saves?

Read about Steam Cloud on Steam Support.

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