Cuddle Fish Update Released

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Your new best friend has arrived. The Cuddle Fish Update has been released on Steam!

This is a Steam update. To be notified when Cuddle Fish is released on Xbox One, subscribe to the Xbox One development mailing list, or follow @SubnauticaXbox on Twitter.

The Cuddle Fish is an adorable companion creature. You may find Cuddle Fish eggs hidden around the world. Those eggs can be incubated in an Alien Containment module, and will eventually hatch into a Cuddle Fish.

Right click on the Cuddle Fish to tell it to follow you on your adventures. Right click again to tell it to stay in one place. Left click to interact with the Cuddle Fish in various ways – It …


3-in-1 on Xbox One

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Three updates have been released on Xbox One, all at once. Silent Running, Voice of the Deep, and Ghost are now available on Xbox. Check out all the updates on the 3-in-1 Update Site.

We are sorry it took us so long to get these three updates out the door. We will continue to work on performance and features for future updates, but in the mean time, we hope you enjoy this release!…


Assistance Requested: Translations

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Hi Subnautica is getting close to launch, and we would like to support as many languages as possible at launch. This is a big job, and we humbly request your assistance. Many of you speak a language other than English, which makes you a superhero: Your linguistic prowess could help people all around the world enjoy Subnautica.

We invite you to translate Subnautica into any language at our translation site: Inside, you can select a language and add translations for each text string presented by Subnautica.

You can also vote on existing translations to raise or lower their ranking.

Please be aware that we are not looking for automated translations via systems such as Google …


Ghost Update + 2 Coming to Xbox One

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Update 07 Sep 2017: 3-in-1 has been released!

Update 28 Aug 2017: 3-in-1 is on the edge of release, and is facing a final issue

Original article published 21 Aug 2017:

Alright, you have waited long enough! A triple-update is coming to Xbox One very soon™: Silent Running, Voice of the Deep, and Ghost: All in one go.

The Ghost Update was just released on Steam. We are prepping Ghost + 2 as we speak. Unlike with Silent Running and Voice of the Deep, we are fully locked and loaded to release Ghost + 2 almost immediately on Xbox One.

Ghost + 2 has one last hurdle to cross: A Microsoft review called “Certification”. This is a test by the …


Talking about Performance

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Performance, frame rate, FPS – When a game does not run fast enough, it’s hard to have fun. Subnautica doesn’t run fast enough right now, on either Steam or Xbox One. We’d like to update you on three things we are doing to improve performance on both platforms.

Calling for Backup

We’ve hired new programmers to work on Subnautica. Adding more people to a project is tricky, and can sometimes even slow down development. Right now, we are confident that more programmers specifically targeting performance will help us improve frame rates.

Look out for David – He’s chewing on frames and sending messages in our chat with headlines like “Just pushed a big chunk of optimization work to


Terrain data format

Posted by Jonas 5 years ago


We are starting to see some really cool mods for Subnautica, which is impressive, because we did not create Subnautica with mod support in mind. We do not have the manpower to improve mod support, but we can save you some time reverse engineering our files. So here is how our terrain data works under the hood. Definitely ping me on Twitter or post on our forums, if you managed to build something cool with this information!

Terrain Data

Subnautica uses an isosurface polygonization algorithm called Dual Contouring to create terrain surface meshes from voxel data. The voxel data is stored in batches, each covering a cubic volume measuring 160 m on a side. Each batch is subdivided …


Of Xbox One Updates, and Things in Threes

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

They say good things come to those who wait. I don’t know who they are, but they have clearly never had to wait this long for a Subnautica Xbox One update. We know it, you know it: It’s taking too long, and we are way overdue to push an update.

They also say that good things come in threes. That, we can agree with. It now looks like Xbox One will receive a three-in-one update. Subnautica on Steam is building up to an update right now: We may merge that work into Xbox One.

Silent Running, Voice of the Deep, and “the third update” would roll into your Xbox’s all at once. As usual, we can’t guarantee anything, or pick …


Micro-update released on Steam

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

A tiny, minuscule, barely-perceptible update was just released for Subnautica on Steam. The update fixes two issues in the Voice of the Deep update:

1. An error with Builder Tool effects when building bases
2. The Cyclops Thermal Reactor draining energy rather than replacing it

Update 23/06/17:

We’ve released a second tiny little update to Voice of the Deep for Subnautica on Steam. This update fixes a small bug that may cause the game to run more slowly over time, and eventually crash.…


Voice of the Deep Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 5 years ago

The Precursors built this place to contain something. Something interested in you. The Voice of the Deep update is now available on Steam! Learn more on the Voice of the Deep site.

The Voice of the Deep Update introduces big pieces of Subnautica’s end-game. The mystery surrounding many story arcs is finally revealed!

The Containment Facility

Deep beneath the ocean floor, a huge Precursor facility lies embedded in the rock. Inside explorers will find a multitude of artefacts, data repositories, and fragments of history.

Emperor Leviathan

The Containment Facility contains… Something. That something is massive, and very much interested in you. The Emperor Leviathan might be a friend, a foe, or neither: We recommend you exercise caution when entering the …


Xbox One Update Delays

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Update 24 Jul 2017: It looks like Xbox One will receive a “3 in 1” update, though we can’t commit to a date.

Update 09 Jul 2017: We have crushed The Bug and are making good progress towards resuming updates.

Original post 21 Jun 2017:

Subnautica on Xbox One is now two updates behind the Steam version. It is missing both Silent Running and Voice of the Deep. We are tremendously sorry for this delay, and it is not our intention to leave Xbox players with old version of the game.

Why is Subnautica on Xbox behind Steam?

We want Subnautica on Xbox to receive updates at the same moment that Steam does. Unfortunately, releasing an update on …