Help Clean Our Planet’s Ocean

Posted by Jessica 5 years ago

***This event has ended***

In celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th, Subnautica will go on sale alongside several other games as part of a Valve special event until June 8th. During this time, we volunteered to donate 15% of Unknown Worlds’ profits from the sales of the original Subnautica to the Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit foundation that aims to develop and apply technologies (directly as well as indirectly) to remove – on a large scale – plastic pollution from the oceans.

Not unlike the bacterium that threatened Planet 4546B, our planet is threatened by a mass accumulation of garbage in the ocean. Marine debris, out of which 80% is plastic, has been reported to have an impact


Voice of the Deep Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 7 years ago

The Precursors built this place to contain something. Something interested in you. The Voice of the Deep update is now available on Steam! Learn more on the Voice of the Deep site.

The Voice of the Deep Update introduces big pieces of Subnautica’s end-game. The mystery surrounding many story arcs is finally revealed!

The Containment Facility

Deep beneath the ocean floor, a huge Precursor facility lies embedded in the rock. Inside explorers will find a multitude of artefacts, data repositories, and fragments of history.

Emperor Leviathan

The Containment Facility contains… Something. That something is massive, and very much interested in you. The Emperor Leviathan might be a friend, a foe, or neither: We recommend you exercise caution when entering the …


Silent Running Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 7 years ago

Welcome aboard, Captain.

The Silent Running Update has arrived! Get all the details on the Silent Running site.

Silent Running

Engage Silent Running mode to extinguish all exterior lights, dim interior to a red hue, and move at a minimum speed.

New Cyclops Upgrades 

Add Sonar, Shields, a Fire Suppression System, and/or additional Decoy slots.

New Onboard Display and HUD Additions

Onboard controls, screens, and HUD get a makeover alongside the new features in the Cyclops.

Creature Threats, Damage, and Wrecks

Navigate the waters carefully, some creatures will violently attack the Cyclops if drawing too much attention. These attacks can cause hull damage and fires. If hull strength reaches zero, the Cyclops will sink to the bottom of the …


Castles & Coffee Update Released on Steam

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

A new Subnautica Early Access Update has been released! Prepare to dodge burning hot magma…

Lava Castle Precursor Base

A secret lies hidden deep within the bowels of the Lava Castle: A Precursor Base. Great peril awaits any diver attempting to explore this mysterious structure. A Sea Dragon Leviathan guards the entrance, Stalkers prowl the narrow lava passageways, while immense heat and pressure threaten near certain death.


If you can make it inside, treasures and secrets await.

Ion Power

The ocean is vast, and often inhospitable. Your survival depends on maintaining a steady supply of power to your equipment and vehicles.


New “Ion” batteries and power cells are much longer lasting than existing power sources. Their extended run times allow …


Subnautica Precursor Update Released

Posted by Jessica 7 years ago

A new Subnautica update is available on Steam! Our latest update is chock full of new secrets to unravel. Previously, you may have noticed strange, high-tech cubes – or bases – placed throughout the world. Now, these unusual objects come to life as someone (or something) flips the switch. Dive deep into the story of Subnautica and discover more answers and more questions. Check out the Precursor Update site to see all the update goodness.

This is a Steam update. To find out when the Precursor Update is available on Xbox One, sign up to the Xbox One development mailing list, and follow @SubnauticaXbox on Twitter.

Rising out of the ocean is the massive Precursor Array & Base. There …


Subnautica Dangerous Creatures Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 7 years ago

A new Subnautica update is available on Steam! The massive Sea Dragon Leviathan and terrifying Warper are now prowling the depths. There’s a third abandoned sea-base to investigate, a new Reinforced Dive Suit to wear, a gorgeous Tree Cove environment to explore, and more: Check out the Dangerous Creatures update site to see all the update goodness.

This is a Steam update. To find out when PRAWN is available on Xbox One, sign up to the Xbox One development mailing list, and follow @SubnauticaXbox on Twitter.

You’re already familiar with other Leviathan-class creatures, but Sea Dragon is a special beast. Our recommendation when dealing with these massive beasts is to avoid them at all costs.


Adding to the list …


Machinery Update Released

Posted by Jessica 8 years ago

A new update is available on Steam for Subnautica. Check out the Machinery Update site for more.

The latest and greatest technology in the world of Subnautica is the Map Scanner room. These rooms can be built on to existing habitats, or can stand alone. Map Scanner rooms will scan nearby seafloor, searching for a select array of resources. Additionally, there are two exterior cameras that can be piloted remotely. Upgrades bring additional benefits.

Map Scanner Room

The Cyclops gets a massive technology overhaul. Improvements include better proximity sensors, a hull camera, deeper dives, functioning lockers, and more.


Bio Reactors and Nuclear Reactors are officially an option. Bio Reactors require plant matter to function, Nuclear Reactors require Reactor Rods. Both must be …


Habitat Update Released

Posted by acedude 9 years ago

The Habitat Update is now available! Build an underwater home with Moon Pools, Observatories, large compartments, bulkhead doors, and more. Head over to the Habitat Update website to see all the new features in action, or stay on this page to see an update video, and screenshots.


Steam will automatically download the Habitat Update. Don’t have Subnautica in your Steam library yet? Get a copy of Subnautica in the Steam Store.

The Moon Pool is the new king of sea-base components. This massive structure can be used to dry-dock a Seamoth submersible. The Moon Pool can be customised to your preference with reinforcements, windows, and multiple attachment points for corridors.

Subnautica features a diverse array of unique, beautiful …