Talking about Performance

Posted by acedude 6 years ago

Performance, frame rate, FPS – When a game does not run fast enough, it’s hard to have fun. Subnautica doesn’t run fast enough right now, on either Steam or Xbox One. We’d like to update you on three things we are doing to improve performance on both platforms.

Calling for Backup

We’ve hired new programmers to work on Subnautica. Adding more people to a project is tricky, and can sometimes even slow down development. Right now, we are confident that more programmers specifically targeting performance will help us improve frame rates.

Look out for David – He’s chewing on frames and sending messages in our chat with headlines like “Just pushed a big chunk of optimization work to


On Xbox Performance

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

Today we’ve released two updates on Xbox One: Precursor and Castles & Coffee. Both bring bundles of new content to Subnautica. Both take steps towards improving performance to acceptable levels. Performance on Xbox One is still not good enough. We know it, and we appreciate you continuing to give us feedback on this point.

There will not ever be a single update that lifts performance to an acceptable level. The road to good frame-rates is, and will continue to be, a gradual one. Each step building on the last, each step leading to the next.

Precursor and Castles & Coffee don’t bring good performance on their own. They do make progress towards that end goal. Our next updates will …