Subnautica Instagram

Posted by acedude 10 years ago
Subnautica Instagram

All the cool kids are on Instagram these days – And naturally, we want the cool kids to play Subnautica. Because we want to be cool. Please can we be cool?

Anyway, Subnautica development is now on Instagram, so if you are already using this insta-photo-blogging-thingy to follow Justin Bieber (Is that what Instagram is for?), you will probably enjoy seeing behind the scenes of Subnautica’s development. Though, we don’t tend to get arrested as much.

Instagram is, interestingly, a great tool for showing off in-development games. Because the fidelity is low, we can be more comfortable about posting in-progress stuff without it coming back to bite us in future (as happened with NS2).

Look closely through this …