Subnautica: Below Zero What the Dock Update

Posted by Donya 2 years ago

A new update has arrived for Subnautica: Below Zero. Tailor your game experience with Custom Game modes, utilize an all-new Seatruck Dock base piece, enjoy the most stable version of the game to date with tons of bugs smashed, and an unstuck button for more sticky situations. Check out the What the Dock trailer and read on for more details!

Custom Game Mode

Tailor your Below Zero experience to the finest of details with a new Custom Game Mode option. Toggle everything from Player Damage, to Day and Night Length, to Creature Hostility, to implementing a Vegetarian Diet, and much, much more. The challenges are endless and yours to create!

Seatruck Dock

Looking for a way to dock your Seatruck and its modules? We’ve got you covered! This brand new base piece will accommodate the Seatruck and up to five modules comfortably. No more chasing your modules around in open water. You can just easily get back to your adventures right from your base.

Tons of Bugs Smashed

The team has been hard at work optimizing the Below Zero experience even more, with tons more bugs smashed. Enjoy the most stable version of the game to-date with this latest update.

Unstuck Button

Ever found yourself stuck out-of-bounds with no way to rectify the situation? This handy unstuck button will come in clutch to ensure you don’t lose any precious game progress. Simply open the Options menu and select Unstuck to teleport back to your last safe location.

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Enjoy, and happy diving!

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