Subnautica: Below Zero Spy Pengling Update

Posted by Jessica 5 years ago

A new Early Access update for Subnautica: Below Zero is now available. Check out the Spy Pengling Update Site to see all the sweet new features in action!

  • Spy Pengling community-requested feature
  • The towering Vent Garden
  • Tree Spires biome
  • New weather effects
  • Added ambient cold mechanics
  • Seatruck Teleportation Module
  • Fabricator UI grid
  • Lilly Paddler creature for upcoming biome
  • Additional improvements and fixes

The Spy Pengling

When the Unknown Worlds team first began working on Below Zero, the community banded together to send us a pitch document for a feature they dearly wanted to see: the Spy Pengling. This fun device is mostly just for exploring, collecting materials, and taking selfies. But it’s dear to our hearts.

Tree Spires

The beautiful Tree Spire biomes is vast and colorful. Filled with a variety of life and beautiful geographical features.

Vent Garden

The Vent Garden is a towering life-form that lives in Tree Spires. It appears to have its own internal ecosystem, but much about this creature is a mystery.

Lilly Paddler

The Lilly Paddler is a new creature that will eventually like in Lillypad islands, a work in progress biome. This creature hypnotizes threats to disorient them and escape.

Seatruck Teleportation Module

Attaching a Seatruck Teleportation Module allows you to take a Precursor Tether to distant sites for instant, one-way transportation back to your Seatruck.

Precursor Artifact

A new precursor artifact has appeared in a Kelp cave. It’s purpose is unknown

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Enjoy, and happy diving!

– Unknown Worlds


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