Subnautica: Below Zero Snowfox Update

Posted by Jessica 5 years ago

Subnautica: Below Zero receives a second Early Access update. Check out the Snowfox Update Site to see all the sweet new features in action!

  • Snowfox vehicle
  • Chelicerate & Snow Stalker
  • Two new, beautiful biomes
  • Seatruck Sleeper and Docking Modules, Perimeter Upgrade
  • Pinnable recipes
  • New music
  • Additional improvements and fixes

The Snowfox

The Snowfox is the first above-water vehicle in the Subnautica universe. Travel quickly over land, all without touching the ground! The Snowfox can be upgraded with a jump module (coming soon), and comes with a speed boost ability built in. Build a Snowfox Hoverpad (with power) to craft the Snowfox and customize it however you like!

Snow Stalkers

A new beast appears on land in the latest update. A deadly creature with long claws and a powerful charge, Snow Stalkers are aggressive and best avoided. Especially when they are with their offspring!

Glacial Basin

Beautiful no matter the weather, the new Glacial Basin biome is home to an array of creatures including the Snow Stalker. Teeming with icy nooks to explore, this biome has a lot to uncover.



Lurking in the new Purple Vents biome, the Chelicerate is a Leviathan-class creature with a nasty bite. Not much is known about this massive monster of the water.

Purple Vents

Explore the hauntingly beautiful Purple Vents biome, a shallow-depth environment. Underground thermal activity erupts into bright purple particulate, providing the perfect ecosystem for many creatures.

Seatruck Upgrades

Three new additions to The Seatruck are now available; The Sleeper Module, the Docking Module, and the Perimeter Upgrade.

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