Subnautica Below Zero Seatruck Update

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Subnautica: Below Zero has received its first big Early Access update. Check out the Seatruck Update Site to see all the sweet new features in action!

  • Seatruck modular underwater utility vehicle
  • Terrifying Squidshark creature 🦑
  • Thermal Spires & Deep Twisty Bridges biomes
  • Playful Seamonkey and their nests
  • Intricately detailed Cargo Transfer Launchpad island
  • Lots of small Early Access improvements

The Seatruck

The Seatruck is a modular Underwater Utility Vehicle. Start by building a cab, then add and remove modules based on your mission requirements. Each additional module slows the Seatruck down. A reversing camera is included as standard. In an emergency, you can detach all modules and escape quickly.

Seatruck Modules
  • Cab – Provides power, live support, cockpit
  • Fabricator – Mobile field equipment fabricator
  • Storage – Ample space for equipment & supplies
  • Aquarium – Collect live specimens

Look out for more Seatruck modules in future Early Access updates!


Lurking within the new Deep Twisty Bridges biome, the Squidshark is a serious threat. Its tentacles can ensnare even the most agile diver. Shark teeth and a powerful bite cause great damage.


An ocean trickster, the Seamonkey will actively seek to steal your kit and swim off with it. Follow them back to their nests and you might find other valuable things they have collected.

Deep Twisty Bridges

Deep Twisty Bridges is a dark, red-accented region with depths exceeding 200 meters. Look out – Some of the plant life is not passive, and might ensnare you in the depths.

Thermal Spires

Rockpunchers and Bonesharks roam between these pointed ocean stacks.

Cargo Transfer Launchpad

Explore a richly detailed island, home to the Cargo Transfer Launchpad. Black sandy beaches, thermal pools, snow-dusted cliffs and intricate caves await you. At the peak, you will find a new Cargo Transfer Base along with attendant rocket launchpad.

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Enjoy, and happy diving!

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