Subnautica: Below Zero Relics of the Past Update

Posted by Donya 3 years ago

A new update has arrived for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. Experience the story in new detail, with full voice acting implemented, a new creature lurking in the Void, further polish to the world, decorative items designed by the community, and much more. Visit the Relics of the Past website to learn more!

  • Experience Below Zero’s story in its most complete form, now fully voiced!
  • Check out Robin’s revamped look with a new Dive Suit and model
  • Unlock more alien mysteries in the Precursor Caches
  • Discover new world details, including artwork from the community
  • Venture to the edge of the world and discover the vicious Void Chelicerate
  • Optionally pause your game when the PDA is open  

Complete and Fully Voiced Story 

Play through Below Zero from start to (almost) finish, with the most complete version of the story to date. With voice acting fully implemented, rich lore to be discovered through the PDA logs, encyclopedia entries, and databanks, as well as additional art assets, the truth of what happened to Sam and on Planet 4546B prior to your arrival is waiting for you. With voices implemented, we also recommend starting a new game, though old save files are still compatible with this update.

Updated Robin Model 

Robin has a new look from head-to-fin, with a sleek Xenoworx Dive Suit to wear, sporting a revamped hairstyle, as well as updates to the face model. Arctic survival has never looked better.

Void Chelicerate

Venture if you dare to the edge of the world, where a new Leviathan is awaiting your arrival. A rare mutation of the Chelicerates you might have uncovered on your journey, the Void Chelicerate is a hulking, aggressive creature that does not take kindly to your intrusion.

Precursor Caches

Uncover further secrets of the mysterious and ancient Architects in the Precursor Caches. Who knows what you might find as you explore these eerie and abandoned areas of the planet.

Beacons Drop on Death 

Did you meet an unfortunate end on your journey? Make sure to carry a Beacon in your inventory, as it will drop on your death, ensuring a somewhat smooth rediscovery of your last known location, as well as assist with reclaiming any lost items.

PDA Pause

Found in the Accessibility menu, this opt-in feature will pause your game whenever the PDA is open. Now you can read through your PDA at leisure and never worry about running out of oxygen or getting hypothermia. 

World Details and Polish

Traverse the intro area to discover additional details and revisions, unlock decorative items designed by the Subnautica community, and much more, with the latest rounds of polish to the game. There’s plenty to uncover and revisit, giving a fresh and rich experience for all players.

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Enjoy, and happy diving!

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