Subnautica: Below Zero Ice Worm Update

Posted by Donya 5 years ago
an ice worm towers in the mist of a snowy night

There’s something rumbling under the ice in Arctic Spires. As you explore this expansive and mysterious new biome, the fearsome Ice Worm will stalk you and breach the surface if you linger a little too long. But that’s not all, you can also discover the secrets of the Frozen Creature Site, as well as explore the new Lilypad Islands biome! Check out the Ice Worm Update Site to see all of the awesome new features in action.



  • Encounter the Ice Worm
  • Experience new story updates
  • Roam Arctic Spires
  • Discover Lilypads Islands 
  • Investigate the Frozen Creature Site
  • Enjoy weather-based Pengwing behaviors

Ice Worm

a fearsome ice worm pauses in anticipation

The Leviathan-class Ice Worm is ready to stalk you across the Arctic Spires as you explore the vast biome. Make use of your Thumper to distract the creature and escape quickly to avoid an aggressive encounter!

Story Updates

A giant, peaceful whale drifts through Lillypad Islands at night

Due to continued community feedback, we’ve been working hard on bringing you a higher stakes introduction, as well as fleshing out the mid-game story. This Ice Worm update includes all-new, text-only dialog throughout. Voice overs will be coming in a future update.

Arctic Spires

giant Arctic Spires stand tall over a sweeping, ice plane

Explore this new and vast frozen landscape, broken up by narrow crevices, tunnels, and huge spires of ice. But take care, though this area appears deserted you are certainly not alone!

Lilypad Islands

giant lilypads float gracefully

Explore the impressive floating lilypads as you gather essential resources and encounter creatures like the Lily Paddler.

Frozen Creature Site

a frozen leviathan creature is trapped behind ice while scientists study it

Don’t worry. This huge Leviathan-class creature can’t get to you from behind its frozen encasing. But just what was Alterra chipping away at the ice to discover…

Pengwing Behaviors

pengwings huddle together in a storm

You are not the only inhabitant of 4546B affected by the weather! As the climate changes from rain, to hail, to lightning, and more, Pengwings will react accordingly and take cover when needed.

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