Subnautica: Below Zero Frostbite Update

Posted by Donya 4 years ago

A new update is available for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. This update features the latest update to the story, as well as an all new intro cinematic. A reworked Glacial Basin biome also awaits you as you return, plus the introduction of cold mechanics, and escalating weather conditions. Visit the Frostbite site to learn more!

  • Experience the beginning of an all-new story and intro cinematic
  • Explore the extensively reworked Glacial Basin
  • Interact with the new cold mechanics and avoid hypothermia
  • Discover new Snowball interactions with the Snow Stalkers
  • Encounter escalating weather conditions
  • Uncover further improvements and polish to existing biomes
  • Enjoy crisper, and more clear in-game text

New Story and Intro Cinematic

Start your brand new adventure on Planet 4546B with a revamped story and intro cinematic. As you crash land on the surface, a new mystery awaits you, with further secrets to uncover about Alterra and Robin’s sister, Sam. But a familiar presence also awaits you, deep beneath the surface…

Glacial Basin

Explore and traverse the cavernous and newly reworked Glacial Basin biome. With more nooks and crannies to uncover, the Basin now merges more seamlessly with underwater experiences.

Cold Mechanics and Escalating Weather

Avoiding hypothermia while exploring the surface of the planet is now a concern, with the introduction of cold mechanics. Make sure to plot out routes and take an abundance of coffee on your adventures, to stave off the chill. Weather conditions also naturally escalate, so keep one eye out for any snowstorms slowly rolling in.

Biome Polish and Improvements

Take time out to rediscover and explore the Thermal Vents and Lilypad Connection biomes. With further polish and improvements, these biomes are now more vibrant and varied, with additional detailing work to the terrain.


Quantum Lockers

Utilize this Precursor technology in order to access your Quantum Locker storage across the planet, wherever you place them.

Status Indicators

Wondering about the status and durability of your items? Newly introduced status indicators will now visually prompt you when they need a little care and attention.

Ore Veins

On the hunt for resource-rich areas? Keep an eye out for Ore Veins in Arctic Spires and Glacial Basin, which will now provide increased materials for all of your crafting needs.

Snowballs and Water Purification Tablets

The dual-use Snowballs can be life saving in more than one instance. A well-timed throw can distract a Snowstalker, to facilitate your quick escape. But they can also be utilized in the new water purification tablets, providing you with a new water source and keep you from dehydrating.

New Ice Worm Animation

The fearsome Ice Worm has all new interactions and animations to uncover, as you attempt to cross its treacherous territory. But this leviathan-class creature doesn’t just have its sights set on you.

Surface Beacons

Worried about losing your way on the surface? Beacons are now usable above ground, so you can mark out any important areas that you’d like to easily rediscover.

Crisper Text

Below Zero’s text is now crisper and cleaner than ever, thanks to an all new update that improves readability. 

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