Subnautica: Below Zero Arctic Living Update

Posted by Donya 5 years ago

The latest Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access update is now available. Give your 4546B home the upgrade you’ve always dreamed of! With a Control Room, impressively spacious Large Room, and the all-new Jukebox, the Arctic Living update for Below Zero is going to make your base a whole lot cozier! Check out the Arctic Living Update Site to see all of the awesome new features in action.



  • Base Control Room
  • Large Room and impressive Glass Dome
  • Jukebox and Music Disks
  • Mineral Detector 
  • Booster Tank
  • PRAWN Suit
  • Alterra Mining Site
  • Encounter with a familiar voice

Control Room

Image of Control Room

Gain greater control and customization of your base with the Control Room. You can change the name, access panels to manage your base’s power supply, locate hull breaches, view the weather forecast and more.

Large Room and Glass Domes

Image of Large Room

Add a Large Room to your base with a Glass Dome to make them look even more impressive! A Multipurpose Room Glass Dome is also available.

Jukebox and Music Disks

Image of Jukebox

Play community created Music Disks on your jukebox, or customize your experience further by importing your favorite music into the game.

Mineral Detector

Image of Mineral Detector

Craft a Mineral Detector to assist in finding specific minerals or harvestable nodes.

Booster Tank

Image of Booster Tank

Need a boost? The Booster Tank uses oxygen to give you a burst of speed. Get to where you need to be that much faster!


Image of PRAWN Suit

It’s back! For the first time in Below Zero you can now craft a Pressure Reactive Armored Waterproof Nano Suit, a.k.a. a PRAWN Suit. Designed for use under extreme-pressure, you can use your PRAWN Suit to explore deeper areas.

Alterra Mining Site

Image of Mining Site

Explore the latest biome, an abandoned Alterra Mining Site, which plays host to the PRAWN Suit.

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