Subnautica Price on Xbox One

Posted by Hugh 3 weeks ago

The price of Subnautica on Steam will increase from 19.99 US dollars to $24.99 on September 29, 2017. This price increase does not apply to Xbox One Game Preview.

On Steam, we are confident we have brought Subnautica to level of quality that justifies a launch price increase. On Xbox, we have a great deal more work to do and it would be inappropriate for us to increase the price at this time.

We can’t give any dates or predictions for launch of Subnautica on Xbox One. There is a great deal of performance work for us to complete before we can do so, and we cannot predict how long that work will take. Rest assured we agree that …


Cuddlefish Coming to Xbox One, Save / Load Progress

Posted by Hugh 4 weeks ago

The Cuddlefish Update is life on Steam. We’ve made solid progress on preparing it for Xbox One. We don’t know exactly when it will be released. The ‘build’ (a version of the game) is, we think, ready to go. Over the coming week it will go through testing by both ourselves and Microsoft.

If those tested pass, we will release Cuddlefish on Xbox ASAP. We cannot give an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), as any ETA we give will inevitably be wrong, and we don’t want to cause disappointment by missing an arbitrary date. The best we can say is, we are looking at ‘weeks not months’ before release.

On the topic of save / load issues, we have made …


New Subnautica Xbox Save / Load Issues

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago

Update 22 Sep 2017: Progress on Save/Load issues

Original article published 14 Sep 2017:

The Cuddlefish Update was just released on Steam. We’re working hard to get that update out on Xbox One as soon as possible. At the same time, we are investigating widespread reports of new save / load issues on Xbox One.

We probably won’t be able to solve these issues when we release Cuddlefish on Xbox [Update 22 Sep 2017: We likely will solve these issues with Cuddlefish]. However, we may introduce enhanced error reporting, that will allow us to better understand what is happening. With more information, we will be better able to formulate a solution, and make the save / load bugs …