Closing in on Xbox Save/Load Issues

Posted by Hugh 2 months ago

Update 12 Apr 2017: An update has been released that resolves the issue.

Original post 06 Apr 2017:

We have got good news regarding Xbox save/load issues. These issues have been causing many of you to receive errors when attempting to load saved games on Xbox One. We think we have identified the problem, have worked out how to resolve it, and are in the process of a preparing an update for release.

Even better: Existing saves that are suffering from this error appear to be recoverable. The underlying problem was not, thankfully, corruption of the saved game data. This means that if you have a game that currently will not load, it is very likely that you …


Technical Xbox update released, no new content

Posted by Hugh 2 months ago

Update 12 Apr 2017: An update has been released that resolves the issue.

Update 06 Apr 2017: We have identified the issue and worked out how to resolve it. An update is being prepared for release.

Original post 29 Mar 2017:

Hi everyone! We just released a tiny update for Subnautica on Xbox One. This update contains no new content, bug fixes, or improvements of any kind. Its sole purpose is to introduce new tools to help us find and fix the save/load bugs many of you have been experiencing. For example, if you do encounter a save/load issue, you will probably now receive a much more informative error message.

We wish we could have released …


Infected Update Released on Xbox One

Posted by Hugh 3 months ago

Good news! The Infected Update has been released on Xbox One. We were able to follow the Steam release much more rapidly this time. We won’t always be able to do that, but we will try to keep it up!

Check out the Infected Update site to see all the goodies included in the Infected Update.

With regards to performance and save/load issues: The Infected Update is not a silver bullet that brings great FPS and reliable save/load. Performance is an ongoing effort, and we are still researching the save/load issue in an effort to full resolve it. Here are two posts talking about these topics:

Subnautica Xbox Performance

Subnautica Xbox Save/Load Issues