Subnautica: Below Zero Lost Ship Update

Posted by Donya 4 years ago
a crashed ship on the ocean floor

A new Early Access update for Subnautica: Below Zero is now available. Check out the Lost Ship Update Site to get the all the details! Your adventures will take you to the ocean floor and the mysterious wreckage of the Crashed Ship, where more secrets are waiting to be uncovered. There’s even more to explore in the Deep Lilypads biome, with only the luminescence of its native flower to guide you on your way.

And in the skies far above Planet 4546B, if you are lucky, you can encounter the unique and incredible phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis.

  • Explore the mysterious Crashed Ship
  • Interact with the playful Trivalve
  • Uncover the perilous Brinicles
  • Descend into the shadowy depths of Deep Lilypads
  • Encounter the stunning phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis
  • Further improvements and polish to existing biomes
  • Last chance to play Below Zero’s current story

Crashed Ship

an ancient mysterious ship on the bottom of the ocean

The wreckage of a mysterious Crashed Ship is scattered across the ocean floor of Planet 4546B. What secrets are hidden inside? You’ll need to be prepared for anything as you explore every crevice for clues!


A playful trivalve waits for fun

These adorable and playful creatures are curious about your presence! Interact with and feed them, and you’ll find they’re a friendly companion on your continued journey.


brinicle spires hang down from the ice shelf

Though enticing and awe-inspiring, don’t venture too close to the protruding Brinicles. These perilous ice formations can cause some serious damage.

Deep Lilypads

beautiful lily flowers glow at the depths of Lilypad Islands

Illuminated by the faint light of the flowers that grow there, the Deep Lilypads are ripe with resources and lead to further Architect discoveries to be made.

 Aurora Borealis

a beautiful Aurora Borealis floats over the world of Planet 4546B

 Encountering this rare event across the skies of 4546B is an incredible sight to behold. The Aurora Borealis are a stunning phenomenon and one you don’t want to miss.

 Polish and Improvements

polished lilypad islands features

Take some time and re-explore the biomes of Below Zero that you are already familiar with. Additional polish and improvements have been made to Lilypads and Thermal Spires, as well as a tune-up to the Hoverbike!

Below Zero’s Story

A PDA screen with Sam Goodall on it

This update will be your last opportunity to play Below Zero’s story in its current form. As previously announced, a new story will be coming in our next update!

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Enjoy, and happy diving!

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