Subnautica Below Zero Seatruck Update

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Subnautica: Below Zero has received its first big Early Access update. Check out the Seatruck Update Site to see all the sweet new features in action!

  • Seatruck modular underwater utility vehicle
  • Terrifying Squidshark creature 🦑
  • Thermal Spires & Deep Twisty Bridges biomes
  • Playful Seamonkey and their nests
  • Intricately detailed Cargo Transfer Launchpad island
  • Lots of small Early Access improvements

The Seatruck

The Seatruck is a modular Underwater Utility Vehicle. Start by building a cab, then add and remove modules based on your mission requirements. Each additional module slows the Seatruck down. A reversing camera is included as standard. In an emergency, you can detach all modules and escape quickly.

Seatruck Modules
  • Cab – Provides power, live support, cockpit
  • Fabricator

Subnautica PlayStation Update 1.08 Released

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

PlayStation divers, we have a little update for you today. 1.08 has been released! 1.08 contains two changes.

First, we have fixed a painful issue with saved games. Before 1.08, Subnautica on PlayStation would fail to display an existing saved-game, and freeze when attempting to save a new one. The only solution was to delete the original, unseen saved game. This issue is now fixed.

Second, Japanese & Korean fonts now render properly. In the past, they would not display at all. This was… sub-optimal. You can now experience Subnautica with proper Japanese and Korean kanji! 🇯🇵🇰🇷

Enjoy, and be sure to follow @SubnauticaPS on Twitter, Subnautica PlayStation on Facebook, and sign up to the PlayStation development newsletter! We’ll …


Subnautica Xbox Update Released!

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

A new Subnautica update has been released on Xbox One! We have been working hard to reduce crashing caused by Subnautica gobbling up too much memory. This is a painstaking process in which we trim memory usage by all sorts of game sub-systems. We haven’t solved all crashes, but you should find the end-game much more stable.

Here are all the changes included in the update:

  • Fixed a bug causing the controller to become unresponsive
  • Removed a false-wall in the Aurora locker room that could interfere with progress
  • Seamoth docking is now more reliable
  • Optimizations to address memory related crashes in the end-game

We have also added more verbose save/load error messages. If you encounter a problem saving or loading …


Subnautica PS4 Update 1.07 Released

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Good news, PlayStation subnauts! Update 1.07 has been released. We’ve been working hard to address one of the most painful issues for PlayStation players: Crashes caused by Subnautica sucking up too much memory. 1.07 doesn’t fix all crashing, but we have eliminated lots of crashes in the end-game sequence.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Photo albums now save properly
  • Removed a false wall in the Aurora locker room
  • Seamoth docking now more reliable
  • Optimizations to address memory related crashes in end game

In addition, we have added more descriptive messages for game-saving errors. If you encounter an error saving or loading a game, please let us know on the forums, or on Twitter. Include the error description, and that …


Below Zero Micro-Update Released

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

A small update has been released for Below Zero on the Steam, Epic, and Discord stores. This update is not a major feature release. It contains some bug fixes and improvements, and tries to fix some (but not all!) of the issues your feedback revealed after Below Zero release.

This update also serves to test our new triple-store build deployment system. This system sends the update to each of the Epic, Discord, and Steam stores at the same time. We want to make sure it is working properly before we release a major feature update.

To be notified as soon as we do release our first major feature update, subscribe to the Subnautica development newsletter, follow @Subnautica on Twitter


Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Subnautica: Below Zero is now available in Early Access! Set one year after the original Subnautica, Below Zero challenges you to survive a disaster at an alien research station on Planet 4546B.

This frozen underwater adventure is a work in progress. As we did with Subnautica, we are building Below Zero out in the open. With your help, we will craft a worthy follow up to the original game.

Below Zero is full of bugs, runs poorly, and includes only a small portion of our planned features. It’s also a game we’re excited about. If you join us, we think you might enjoy this journey through Early Access.

If you would like to wait until the game is finished, please …


Below Zero on Xbox & PlayStation – When?

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

Subnautica Below Zero is going into Early Access on Mac & Windows PC. We want to bring Below Zero to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as soon as possible. We don’t know when it will be, and predicting dates is a Bad Thing™️ – We don’t want to disappoint you by speculating about a date we don’t know we can hit.

On Xbox One, we may be able to release Below Zero in Game Preview (Microsoft’s “Early Access” program) before launch. We can’t promise this, but we are exploring the possibility. Sony does not allow Early Access games, so we will not be releasing any kind of preview on PlayStation.

We are aiming to release the 1.0 version of …


Below Zero Early Access – Jan 30th

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

You are invited to a special Subnautica livestream event. Please join us on January 30th, 6PM UTC as we premiere the Below Zero Early Access Trailer and launch Early Access on the Steam, Epic, and Discord Stores.

Below Zero is not finished. It is full of bugs. It lacks polish, runs poorly, and is missing features. We are offering Early Access not because we want your money, but because we want your feedback. We make better games when we make them with you.

Check out the Early Access Site for a countdown clock.

We can’t wait to welcome you into the frigid waters!

Unknown Worlds


Subnautica Xbox Released

Posted by acedude 5 years ago

A new Subnautica update is available on Xbox One. is more stable, runs faster, and contains less bugs. The Seamoth docks more reliably with the Moonpool, the world streams in faster, you won’t fall through the world as often, and more. Here’s a full changelog:

  • Improved world streaming performance
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue with Seamoth not being able to dock in the Moonpool
  • Fixed an issue where several plants and coral would spawn on top of each other at water surface
  • Fixed an issue with objects falling through the ground
  • Fixed an issues with missing geometry in alien bases
  • Changed actions to occur on button press, rather than on button release
  • Improved accuracy