Subnautica Xbox Update Released

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago

Subnautica has just received an update on Xbox One! improves stability & performance, and kills bugs. It is another in our sequence of rapid-fire post-release updates. We still have more work to do, and are already cranking on the next update.

  • Added a feedback button
  • Added miscellations stability improvements, e.g. to memory management
  • Fixed erratic Reefbacks behaviour
  • Fixed a bug causing some absent flora
  • Fixed a bug causing floats to fail to attach
  • Fixed a bug causing the Cyclops vehicle bay hatch to spawn incorrectly

Thank you for continuing to send us feedback and bug reports. We appreciate your efforts very much, and what you tell us helps us prioritise our update work.

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Subnautica PS4 Update 1.05 Released

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago

PS4 updates are coming in fast and hot! We know you are experiencing lots of bugs, so we are trying to update quickly. 1.05 does not fix every bug, but it does fix quite a few. Here’s a list:

  • Added a feedback button
  • The game will now pause when backgrounded
  • Integrated stability fixes
  • Integrated performance optimizations
  • Fixed Reefback erratic behavior and missing plants
  • Fixed an issue where screenshots could display at 1/4 size
  • Fixed an issue where floaters were not attaching to surfaces
  • Fixed an issue where the cyclops vehicle bay hatch could spawn
  • incorrectly

We’re already cranking on 1.06, and we will keep cranking until you have the stable, enjoyable game you expect of us. Please keep the feedback, …