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    Find out what happened on planet 4564B before the Aurora crashed

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    Dive into an underwater world filled with wonder and peril

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Earth’s Oceans Need You

Posted by Hugh 2 weeks ago

You saved the underwater world of planet 4546B. Here on Earth, our own oceans need your help. This weekend, we are joining forces with Valve and the ocean charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). 15% of Unknown Worlds’ profits from the sales of Subnautica will go to WDC.

4546B is a world covered in water. Earth is not so different: 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Startlingly, that water contains around 90% of the Earth’s biomass. That means that there is far more life under the water than above it: Out of sight, and often out of mind.

Agricultural runoff, drag-net fishing, deforestation, plastic waste, even acidification via increased carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Earth’s oceans …


Subnautica Update 85 Released

Posted by Hugh 2 months ago

Hi everyone! Today we’ve got another post-launch Subnautica update for you. Update 85 is now available on Steam.

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Right now at Unknown Worlds we’re experimenting with a potential Subnautica expansion and potential new games. We’re also working on fixing bugs in Subnautica. Update 85 contains a bunch of those bug fixes:

  • Fixed ingredient tooltip sometimes only showing the first three ingredients
  • Fixed Cyclops upgrade station text display
  • Fixed Cyclops upgrade station depth module icons
  • Fixed Cyclops thermal upgrade icon
  • Fixed physics bug with luggage bags in Cyclops
  • Fixed exiting vehicles while in ESC menu
  • Fixed enzyme cure ball being pickupable
  • Fixed

Subnautica Update 84 on Xbox One

Posted by Hugh 3 months ago

Subnautica Update 84 is now available on Xbox One. Update 84 contains all the content of the Steam version – including rocket bug fixing. Check out the Update 84 blog post to see the full change log.

We are still not ready to formally ‘release’ Subnautica on Xbox One. We have yet more work to do, particularly with regards to performance and stability. We are taking our time to ensure we release Subnautica properly.

As we work towards a 1.0 Xbox release, we will continue to release updates such as Update 84, which ensure Xbox players have all the features, bug-fixes, and gameplay that Steam players enjoy.

– Hugh