Castles & Coffee Update Released on Steam

Posted by Hugh 3 weeks ago

A new Subnautica Early Access Update has been released! Prepare to dodge burning hot magma…

Lava Castle Precursor Base

A secret lies hidden deep within the bowels of the Lava Castle: A Precursor Base. Great peril awaits any diver attempting to explore this mysterious structure. A Sea Dragon Leviathan guards the entrance, Stalkers prowl the narrow lava passageways, while immense heat and pressure threaten near certain death.


If you can make it inside, treasures and secrets await.

Ion Power

The ocean is vast, and often inhospitable. Your survival depends on maintaining a steady supply of power to your equipment and vehicles.


New “Ion” batteries and power cells are much longer lasting than existing power sources. Their extended run times allow …


Bones Update Released on Xbox One

Posted by Jessica 2 months ago

A new Subnautica update is available on Xbox One! The Lost River zone nears completion in this update with additions to areas throughout. Wander from the Bone Fields to the Lava Zone Connection or out to the Ghost Forest, there will be plenty to see along the way. Check out the Bones Update site to see all the update goodness.

The Lost River zone grows with four improved zones: the Bone Fields, the Ghost Forest, the Lava Zone Connection, and the Lost River Junction.

Introducing the River Prowler, a new creature part of the Bones Field in the Lost River zone. This aggressive creature is not to be taken lightly.

Another mysterious area in the Lost River zone also appears……


Schedule for Xbox Bones Update

Posted by Hugh 2 months ago
Subnautica Xbox One

Short Version:

Very high chance of release between 2nd & 6th of January.

Proper Version:

Hi everyone! We’ve been working to release the Bones Update Xbox for quite some time now. Charlie recently posted this explanation on the forums:

“Getting the XB1 version of Subnautica running as well as the PC version has been a HUGE amount of work. We vastly underestimated it. Max and Jonas have been working on it pretty much full-time for months and there’s still a lot to do. Jonas just did finished a big rewrite of a system that, although it won’t improve performance much right now, was necessary in order for us to make more improvements later.

We now have a ‘build’ (A …