Cuddlefish Update Released on Xbox One

Posted by Hugh 7 days ago

The Cuddlefish Update has been released on Xbox One! The adorable, squidgy, playful Cuddlefish is waiting to be your dive-buddy.

Cuddlefish on Xbox One includes extra work on performance, stability, and general polish. We hope you will notice a slightly improved frame rate on Xbox, though we still have great deal of work to do.

On save/load bugs: Cuddlefish does not fix the save/load issues that many of you are experiencing. We are very sorry about this. We have included extra error reporting, to help us ascertain the cause of the errors and fix them.

We will solve these save/load bugs. We have solved other ones in the past. We wish we were making faster progress, and are very …


Low-Key Update 79 Release

Posted by Hugh 2 weeks ago

We’re being sneaky and pushing a low-key update to Steam today. There are no new features in this update. Update 79 contains only bug-fixes, performance improvements, and balance changes.

The nature of our development process makes it difficult to provide you with a traditional ‘change-log’, but we can provide you with something possibly more awesome: The checkin and changes list.

Go to, and you can see every change made by every developer on the Subnautica team. Filter by ‘main’ branch to see what changes have been queued up for Steam release.

You can also access a condensed version of the checkin and changes list by following @SubnauticaSCM on Twitter.

We expect that you will see more of …


Subnautica Price Increasing on Steam

Posted by Hugh 3 weeks ago

Subnautica on Steam is edging towards launch. We are aiming for release on the 31st of October, 2017. There’s lots of work still to do, particularly with regards to performance, but we are quite somewhat confident we will hit the 31st. We would like to increase the price of Subnautica for launch, to 24.99 US dollars (a 25% increase from the current price of $19.99).

This price increase is applicable to Steam only. Subnautica’s price on Xbox One is not changing at this time.

Subnautica first entered Steam Early Access in 2014. Back then, there was barely any game. There were Peepers, some water to drown in, and a cardboard-cutout Aurora on the horizon. Since then, Subnautica has exploded …