Micro-update released on Steam

Posted by Hugh 10 hours ago

A tiny, minuscule, barely-perceptible update was just released for Subnautica on Steam. The update fixes two issues:

1. An error with Builder Tool effects when building bases
2. The Cyclops Thermal Reactor draining energy rather than replacing it



Voice of the Deep Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 2 days ago

The Precursors built this place to contain something. Something interested in you. The Voice of the Deep update is now available on Steam! Learn more on the Voice of the Deep site.

The Voice of the Deep Update introduces big pieces of Subnautica’s end-game. The mystery surrounding many story arcs is finally revealed!

The Containment Facility

Deep beneath the ocean floor, a huge Precursor facility lies embedded in the rock. Inside explorers will find a multitude of artefacts, data repositories, and fragments of history.

Emperor Leviathan

The Containment Facility contains… Something. That something is massive, and very much interested in you. The Emperor Leviathan might be a friend, a foe, or neither: We recommend you exercise caution when entering the …


Xbox One Update Delays

Posted by Hugh 2 days ago

Subnautica on Xbox One is now two updates behind the Steam version. It is missing both Silent Running and Voice of the Deep. We are tremendously sorry for this delay, and it is not our intention to leave Xbox players with old version of the game.

Why is Subnautica on Xbox behind Steam?

We want Subnautica on Xbox to receive updates at the same moment that Steam does. Unfortunately, releasing an update on Xbox is not as simple as just copying the game to the Xbox platform. We need to make a specialised ‘build’ of the game for Xbox, that works with the Xbox software and hardware environment.

When making the Xbox build of Silent Running, we encountered some severe …