On Xbox Performance

Posted by Hugh 2 days ago

Today we’ve released two updates on Xbox One: Precursor and Castles & Coffee. Both bring bundles of new content to Subnautica. Both take steps towards improving performance to acceptable levels. Performance on Xbox One is still not good enough. We know it, and we appreciate you continuing to give us feedback on this point.

There will not ever be a single update that lifts performance to an acceptable level. The road to good frame-rates is, and will continue to be, a gradual one. Each step building on the last, each step leading to the next.

Precursor and Castles & Coffee don’t bring good performance on their own. They do make progress towards that end goal. Our next updates will …


Castles & Coffee Update Released on Steam

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago

A new Subnautica Early Access Update has been released! Prepare to dodge burning hot magma…

Lava Castle Precursor Base

A secret lies hidden deep within the bowels of the Lava Castle: A Precursor Base. Great peril awaits any diver attempting to explore this mysterious structure. A Sea Dragon Leviathan guards the entrance, Stalkers prowl the narrow lava passageways, while immense heat and pressure threaten near certain death.


If you can make it inside, treasures and secrets await.

Ion Power

The ocean is vast, and often inhospitable. Your survival depends on maintaining a steady supply of power to your equipment and vehicles.


New “Ion” batteries and power cells are much longer lasting than existing power sources. Their extended run times allow …