Squad 5 June 2016

Posted by sebastian 8 years ago


Squad 5 badges are handed out by the Natural Selection 2 community and us developers to show our  eternal gratitude to those who helped growing NS2 and its community.

Anybody who makes a sustained, positive, and reasonable effort to support NS2 and / or the vibrancy of its community may be awarded with a blue icon.

Silver and Gold are 'big deals' and are only awarded extremely sparingly for outstanding efforts.

Thank you all for your contributions even if you haven’t made it into Squad 5 yet, and thank you to those who took the time to nominate them.

Note that the only way a community member can be considered for Squad 5 is if YOU nominate them here


Squad 5 March 2016

Posted by sebastian 8 years ago

It’s time for the next round of Squad 5 awards!

This batch of recipients are comprised of somewhat lesser known individuals who have still made amazing contributions to our game and community. This is exactly what this program is meant for, publicly recognizing those lesser known for their hard work.

Be sure to try out the fruits of their labor when applicable, so that you can determine for yourself the level commitment that is associated with being a Squad 5 recipient, and because these people have spent hundreds of hours all towards something they hope that you will enjoy.

Note that the only way a member can be considered for Squad 5 is if YOU nominate them here!



Squad 5 is back!

Posted by sebastian 8 years ago

Some of you may know about a little program that started, called Squad 5.

It was a UWE initiative which publicly recognizes and awards certain nominated community members for their contributions to Natural Selection 2 and its community, by means of an in-game badge. While it has been a great way to show thanks to the unparalleled level of dedication that our community demonstrates, it has had a checkered past. From being dropped entirely for years, to being delayed for months, all while hidden in a little sub forum of its own for very few to see.

I am here to announce that the program is once again alive and kicking, but this time we will be proudly displaying these