Pulling back the veil

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago

Hi everyone. I thought today would be a good day to take a moment and discuss some recent changes to the game. For almost a month, the dev team has been dabbling with combat mechanics. One of them was something we had been considering for some time, player hitboxes. As you can see from the before and after image below, the original hitboxes / hitreg have always been frustrating due ironically, to the precision of the hitboxes. Most games don’t have hitboxes that are as precise as NS2, which ran counter to the fast pace of the game. It felt unfair to miss skulks because of matchstick legs, or not be landing hits on a lerk while shooting center of


Extreme definition NS2 artwork

Posted by 11 years ago
Natural Selection 2 Exosuit

Pixels are addictive. There are never enough. More definition, higher resolution, greater pixel density. But what to do with all those high-resolution screens? Phones, Eyefinity setups, NVSurround, 1600p monitors… Is there any content out there that can really do them justice?

Yes. And it is Natural Selection 2. Here are extreme resolution versions of several iconic Natural Selection 2 images. At Unknown Worlds, we lovingly refer to them by certain names that just came about naturally. For example, Cory might suggest using ‘Onos v Marine’ on a certain part of a PAX exhibit.

Together, these images take up 43.4 million pixels!

Onos v Marine

 Download link – 16.7mb PNG – 5,800 x 3,000

The Onos v Marine …