Update 325 – Anniversary

Posted by WasabiOne 5 years ago

Update 325 includes balance adjustments, map refinements, bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and new cosmetics to the Catalyst Pack. A long time veteran of NS2 development has rejoined the team, Fsfod is back and putting all his focus on improving and stabilizing LuaJIT. Fsfod was the original developer that implemented LuaJIT support for NS2. His efforts will ultimately yield a faster and more stable game.

The Machine Gun is getting some needed love this update. The Commander is no longer required to research it separately after upgrading to an Advanced Armory and we have lowered the cost of the Commander weapon drop as well. Additionally, with a lower overall weight and slight increase to the base damage, this is starting to


Update 306 is now live on steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago

Our latest build continues on the path of refinement and stability, and although small there are some nice changes in this patch. Those of you with antivirus woes when opening NS2 should no longer have an issue as all our windows binaries are digitally signed and secure. As stated in the blog post earlier this week, we increased the size of the melee attack on both the skulk and fade and this change is no longer an extension but part of the vanilla code. We have also decided to slightly bump up skulk HP requiring an additional 2 bullets to make contact.

Behind the scenes we are continuing our work on HIVE 2, which is coming along nicely and should


State of Development: May 2013

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Natural Selection 2

Following on from the March and April entries, it is time to update Planet Earth on what is going on with Natural Selection 2. This is a retrospective look at development in May. To keep the length under control, (April’s entry was a bit overboard!) this post will stick to three topics: Environments, Technical, and Game. Let’s start with Biodome!


Michael, (‘Olmy’) has been cranking on Biodome. The map is striking, thanks to its new art set and ‘flora’ focus. The accompanying images show some of the stages environments go through, from idea (1, above), to rough 3d layouts (2, below), to texturing, lighting, detailing and prop placement (3, two below).

Biodome will be an absolute blast, but …


Is Natural Selection 2 Balanced?

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Natural Selection 2 Balance

Balance. If there is one topic that can fray tempers, depress developers, and cause forum mods to tear their hair out then balance is it. What is the state of Natural Selection 2 balance? Are the aliens over powered? Does Unknown Worlds have any idea what they are doing? Do they even read my balance posts!?

The answer is: It depends on how you define ‘balance’!

No, this is not a cop out. In this post, we will examine Natural Selection 2’s balance with two equally valid definitions, and see what conclusions we can draw. The first one is probability of victory.

Probability of Victory

This is the sledgehammer definition of ‘balance.’ In a game of football, tennis, rugby, or …