Update 338 – Matched Play BETA

Posted by WasabiOne 2 years ago

Update 338 includes fixes found with the initial release of MATCHED PLAY (read more here). MATCHED PLAY lobbies are once again active and ready for use. Some additional regions have been added/removed based on performance feedback. Your continued use and feedback on the system while in BETA will help us refine features while we move towards delivering the 1.0 version soon.

Remember all sales of NS2 and DLC directly affect our development budget and allow our team to continue work on NS2.



  • Wiped existing Matched Play penalties for all players
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the Ready Room due to multiple causes. 
  • Removed the Norway server for the time being from the list of Matched Play

Merry Gorgemas! Update 336 Released on Steam

Posted by WasabiOne 3 years ago

It’s hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. Sneaky Saint Gorgie is up to their old tricks and while some Marines have been getting some nasty yucky and gooey clogs in their stockings, that silly Saint Gorgie also seems to be dropping off lots of goodies too! We’ve expanded our available skins, and a whole new list of items have been added to your customize menu for you to further put your style on display. Some of our previous packs or individual skins have been expanded to cover more items and there are also a handful of all new individual weapons skins to check out. If you owned a now expanded DLC pack previously, then you



Posted by WasabiOne 3 years ago

Eclipse Tower is in ruin after the Kharaa invasion. The battle was brought home in the name of “scientific research,” deemed necessary to protect our future. We thought the battle was over and all were safe, but we were wrong…

The Kharaa have escaped to the streets below Eclipse Tower and are already advancing throughout the district. Reinforcements have been called in as the streets, markets and clubs are evacuated. The war for our human existence rages on. We have to hurry to eliminate the threat; they’ve reached the Metro lines and can quickly spread out across the entire city.

As the fights continue into the tunnels of the Metro, shimmers of blue and white appear in the darkness. A


Update 324 – CATALYST

Posted by WasabiOne 5 years ago

Update 324 is the start of something exciting! It’s the catalyst to our new development cycle! Over the last few years we have made changes and fixes to further develop NS2 with the emphasis on helping to stabilize the gameplay and create the best experience possible for every player. Today we start the sale of our limited time DLC the Catalyst Pack! This premium DLC offers the single largest skin pack we have ever released and it also includes future custom skins and items as a thank you for purchasing the DLC now. Sales of this DLC directly affect the budget for our development team and will help us to continue to bring you more exciting updates to the game.


Update 319 – Anniversary!

Posted by WasabiOne 6 years ago

Happy 5th Anniversary to NS2! Five years ago… Wow saying that makes me sit back in my chair a moment. It’s crazy to think that much time has passed, it seems like only yesterday we launched. So much happened to make the game become a reality even before release on Steam and even more has happened since.

We wanted to do something special for the Anniversary patch beyond just celebrating and we think we have done just that for Update 319. To say this update includes a lot of under the hood work would be an understatement. In fact, Update 319 includes changes to over 80,000 lines of code. Ghoul has been working for some time on making as much


Build 308 Now Live on Steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 7 years ago

A few weeks back Remi wrote up a blog called “Enter the Roadmap” and today we take the first step down that road with the release of Build 308. One of our biggest hopes is to finally take NS2 to 64bit but there are many hurdles along the way, a big one being LuaJIT. FSFOD and the other programmers have been hard at work on an upgrade to the newest version of LuaJIT and testing, testing and more testing. The upgraded JIT allows for more of the overall NS2 code to be jitted, and additional trace stitching which provides more opportunity for improving existing performance logging.

This update was delayed for further testing a couple weeks ago, but


Extreme definition NS2 artwork

Posted by 11 years ago
Natural Selection 2 Exosuit

Pixels are addictive. There are never enough. More definition, higher resolution, greater pixel density. But what to do with all those high-resolution screens? Phones, Eyefinity setups, NVSurround, 1600p monitors… Is there any content out there that can really do them justice?

Yes. And it is Natural Selection 2. Here are extreme resolution versions of several iconic Natural Selection 2 images. At Unknown Worlds, we lovingly refer to them by certain names that just came about naturally. For example, Cory might suggest using ‘Onos v Marine’ on a certain part of a PAX exhibit.

Together, these images take up 43.4 million pixels!

Onos v Marine

 Download link – 16.7mb PNG – 5,800 x 3,000

The Onos v Marine …