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Welcome back to “Colony Zero,” the forgotten mining facility on the moon Freya IV. Greed and a continued push for dominance brought the TSF to this moon, but what they found while mining deep was something they felt was far more valuable than ore or minerals; little did they know it would start a pandemic reaching across the entire galaxy. 

Our newest official map, ORIGIN, a remake of the NS1 map, holds the answers to the Origins of Kharaa and is now available to play. You can earn the special Abyss Gorge skin after playing five rounds, but hurry as this skin is only available for a limited time! Thank you to pSyk for all his hard work on re-creating


Update 320 – Merry Gorgemas!

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“Twas the night before Gorgemas
when all through the base,
Not a creature was stirring
not even a MAC;
The Hydras were placed
by the Command Station with care,
In hopes that Saint Gorgie, soon would be there…”

Tis the season of gift giving and holiday cheer, so with that in mind we bring you Update 320. We’ve got some balance tweaks, visual improvements, and stability fixes for you this season. A huge thanks to Katzenfleisch for his many contributions this patch!

We’d like the take a moment and address some of the mod/client/server issues that started this week. Earlier this week Valve pushed out an update on the way clients access and use the version of workshop NS2 utilizes. …


Mod Spotlight: Last Stand

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Last Stand

The Kharra horde continues their push into the galaxy. The TSF are overrun.

Only a few survive to face the Last Stand.


Last Stand is a fast-paced twitch-shooter mod for NS2. There is no commander. Only you, your skill and your friends. Play as either Alien or Marine in a final showdown on over 10 maps.

Designed with low player counts in mind, play all the way up to 24 players and win the fight for glory!

Last Stand was a Mod developed a few years ago originally by a number of people at Unknown Worlds during a Mod jam. Since then in their spare time Samusdroid, Ghoul and a few other community members have had a hand …


Community Spotlight Faded

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One month has past since our spotlight about NS2News.org. So it’s time for another community spotlight.

This time we are humbled to present one of the longest actively maintained Natural Selection 2 game mode modifications to you: The Faded

The Faded is available on the Natural Selection 2 Steam Workshop or directly via the in-game server browser.


Let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Katzenfleisch (my online nick, not my birth name :)).

I’m a developer who likes to spend some of his spare time on NS2: The Faded. You might also see me around as a Lerk in vanilla games or in command of the deadly ‘Faded’. Now we’re acquainted, suit yourself up and get …


Future of the Modding Art Tools

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Ed. Note 1: NOTE:  Build 278 has been reverted due to some unforeseen problems. Unfortunately this means the Trim Tool got rolled back with it.  It will be back soon!

Ed. Note 2: The Trim Tool is now available again on Steam. Let’s hope it stays put this time!

Howdy folks!  I’m Trevor “BeigeAlert” Harris — better known as the guy who hasn’t done one of these blog posts yet.

Just wanted to give a quick heads up that there’s some really cool stuff on-the-way/already-here that we’ve been working on for all you mappers and modders out there.

First things first, with 278 having just been released, mappers now have access to the editor’s new “Trim Tool”.  If you …


Time To Make The Mods

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In this tutorial, we will go through the process of creating a new mod for Natural Selection 2 and uploading it to the Steam Workshop. This tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming or modding (but both will certainly help!).

Launch Pad

The first tool we will discuss is the Launch Pad. This is the application that will create and manage your mods as well as publish these mods to the Steam Workshop. This tool is called LaunchPad.exe and is located in the game’s installation directory.

On my computer, Launch Pad is located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Natural Selection 2\LaunchPad.exe

Once Launch Pad is open, go get some tea, use the bathroom if needed, and get ready because we are …