Future of the Modding Art Tools

Posted by trevor 9 years ago

Ed. Note 1: NOTE:  Build 278 has been reverted due to some unforeseen problems. Unfortunately this means the Trim Tool got rolled back with it.  It will be back soon!

Ed. Note 2: The Trim Tool is now available again on Steam. Let’s hope it stays put this time!

Howdy folks!  I’m Trevor “BeigeAlert” Harris — better known as the guy who hasn’t done one of these blog posts yet.

Just wanted to give a quick heads up that there’s some really cool stuff on-the-way/already-here that we’ve been working on for all you mappers and modders out there.

First things first, with 278 having just been released, mappers now have access to the editor’s new “Trim Tool”.  If you …