Update 321 – Live on Steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 6 years ago

Happy New Year! It has already been an exciting start to 2018 for UWE and we look forward to bringing you more exciting and interesting game experiences. The core of NS2’s development has always been the community. So many people from around the world dedicating time, opinions and skills to help make this game what it is today. Five years in and we are still working with dedicated members, new and old, to make the game better and more enjoyable.

Today we release Update 321, bringing you some of the first new gameplay features to come in 2018. First we wanted to look at some of the alien features that haven’t felt complete. Onos Stampede is a great way to


NSL Newcomer Tournament

Posted by WasabiOne 7 years ago

The NSL has decided to host a Newcomer Tournament on September 30, 2017The last NSL Newcomer Tournament included 56 Players across 8 Teams that played 14 Bo3 amazing Matches in a Double elimination Bracket over 2 Days. Sign-ups are now underway and more information can be found below or by visiting the ensl.org website.

What is the Newcomer Tournament 2017 and what can I/we win ?

The ENSL.org Newcomer Tournament is an opportunity for all the players (rookie or veteran) to test their skill in a competitive environment balanced for 6vs6.

You can find a rundown of the differences between the normal and competitive balance (Comp Mod) at http://www.ensl.org/articles/998

Every participant receives as special treat a in-game badge.


March Mod Madness Tournament 2017

Posted by sebastian 7 years ago
Mod Madness banner

After the newcomer tournament and the upcoming season of the competitive league we are happy to announce the Mod Madness tournament! This tournament is dedicated to those who are looking for a little less competitive but fun evening event.

What is it and what can I win?
The Mod Madness tournament is a unique event for all players to try out the amazing custom game modes that have been created for Natural Selection 2. All game modes (except NS2:Combat) can be found in the NS2 Steam Workshop or under the Arcade tab in the server browser.

Every participant will get a brand new in-game badge! Furthermore the tournament winner will receive a gold version while the second and third will …


Mod Spotlight: Last Stand

Posted by obraxis 8 years ago
Last Stand

The Kharra horde continues their push into the galaxy. The TSF are overrun.

Only a few survive to face the Last Stand.


Last Stand is a fast-paced twitch-shooter mod for NS2. There is no commander. Only you, your skill and your friends. Play as either Alien or Marine in a final showdown on over 10 maps.

Designed with low player counts in mind, play all the way up to 24 players and win the fight for glory!

Last Stand was a Mod developed a few years ago originally by a number of people at Unknown Worlds during a Mod jam. Since then in their spare time Samusdroid, Ghoul and a few other community members have had a hand …


Community Spotlight Faded

Posted by sebastian 8 years ago

One month has past since our spotlight about NS2News.org. So it’s time for another community spotlight.

This time we are humbled to present one of the longest actively maintained Natural Selection 2 game mode modifications to you: The Faded

The Faded is available on the Natural Selection 2 Steam Workshop or directly via the in-game server browser.


Let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Katzenfleisch (my online nick, not my birth name :)).

I’m a developer who likes to spend some of his spare time on NS2: The Faded. You might also see me around as a Lerk in vanilla games or in command of the deadly ‘Faded’. Now we’re acquainted, suit yourself up and get …


Community Spotlight NS2News.org

Posted by sebastian 8 years ago

Community Spotlight NS2News.org
Without doubt the community is what makes Natural Selection 2 so unique and special.

The passion of many community members goes beyond the game and lets them start projects to support this community and the game in every possible way. Many of those projects have influenced Natural Selection 2 in various ways but sadly often didn’t got the attention they deserve.

So it’s time to give those projects some spotlight. Now without further delay I’ll let Pelargir introduce his current project NS2News.org:

Let me introduce myself first, I’m Pelargir and I’m typing up this post to present you our latest project: NS2News.

So what is NS2News ? For those who haven’t heard about it yet, NS2News is a …