Recreating the ‘Lan Party’ Feel

Posted by Max at 25-11-2014
Future Perfect

The mid-2000s were a magical time for the LAN party. Half Life 2 modding was just starting up. Warcraft 3 was giving us new games to play like Tower Defense and DotA. And Battlefield 1942 mods let you fight as a pirate or fly a helicopter before it was cool.

The night would start with a good dose of pizza and soda and then it was time to play some weird game your buddy Stephen heard about on an obscure modding forum. It might have taken a couple hours to get everyone patched up and modded but it was worth it.

Part of the inspiration of Future Perfect is recreating that LAN party feel. Minus the patching. And you will have to take care of the pizza. The logistics of ordering pizza for the whole Future Perfect community is several orders of magnitude more complicated than for a LAN party.

Anyway, let me explain:

An intuitive editor makes it easy to throw together a simple game idea.


Future Perfect



The community can contribute new models, scripts, sounds and more to the Workshop for everyone to use.


We make it easy for you to connect up with your friends and find new games.


And play!




And of course, mod!




We are looking forward to playing your creations. Head over to and join in!
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