Future Perfect Update 3?

Posted by Max at 13-12-2014

This week we’ve been “eating our own dog food”; we’ve taken time away from adding new features and fixing bugs to make a game in Future Perfect. This is really helpful for figuring out the pain points are and charting our next steps. These game jams are also a great way to experiment with gameplay that we might include the final game modes.

Truth-be-told, we’ve still spent a good amount of time on features and bugs, but we’re not going to put out a new update this Friday. The daily build is still updating to the Steam “beta” branch, so you can still check that out if you’re itching to see what we’ve been up to (or take a look at Trello).

We’ll show you more next week, but here’s a little teaser of the game we’ve been working on this week:


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