Future Perfect Update 15

Posted by Max at 17-03-2015

The weekly update for Future Perfect is now live on Steam! Here are some of the changes in this update.

Improved Thumbnails


In the last update we added support the thumbnail images in the asset browser. This week we’ve improved them by adding images for collision, material, and particles assets. We also fixed a few issues with thumbnails; thumbnails will now always use high quality textures, emissive transparent parts are displayed properly, decals in blueprints will be rendered, and the skin selection is taken into account for models.


Player Movement


This update includes a few improvements related to player movement. First, we addressed some bugs in the Controller component that made it move erratically near small obstacles like rocks. This also fixed an issue where the Controller could fall through the ground on very steep slopes.

Second, we updated our default movement script to have a better “feel”. We tweaked some values, improved slope jumping and added jump queuing. Let us know what you think!


Entity Configuration


We’ve written about how Automators are used for procedural tasks in previous updates, but they also have another important role in Future Perfect; Automators can be used to provide simplified interfaces for configuring entities. These simplified interfaces are useful for allowing new players to set the properties for entities without having to dig into the more advanced component view.

With that in mind, we moved the interface for the Automators to be accessed by right clicking on the entity:


Most of our blueprints aren’t setup with a simplified Automator interface yet, but over the next few weeks we’re going to be focusing on adding this functionality to them.

This is just a small taste of the changes in this week’s update. If you’re like to see the complete list, check out our Trello board and look for the “Update 15” list.


If you’d like to try out Future Perfect, you can purchase it from our website.