What is the Spark Engine?

The Spark Engine is a 3D game engine. It provides the rendering, sounds, physics, networking and other elements that a game needs to function and be fun.

Do any games use Spark?

Yes. Spark powers the strategy / shooter hybrid Natural Selection 2.

Can I use Spark to create a game?

Absolutely! Purchasing a copy of Natural Selection 2 gives you access to the whole SDK. You can tear NS2 off the top of Spark and replace it with whatever you want!

Can I sell a game I make with Spark?

Short answer no, long answer ‘let’s talk.’ If you have created or are evaluating the possibility of creating a high-quality game with Spark, get in contact and we can discuss the possibility.

What is Spark good at?

Spark is good at making 3D games look great. Data driven rendering allows rapid, modular addition of rendering features such as ambient occlusion, reflections and motion blur. It is also very good at fast-paced multiplayer networking, where lag and latency mitigation are crucial to a fun end-user experience. Another strength of Spark is its facilitation of rich game logic via Lua scripting.

Is Spark under active development?

Unknown Worlds is using Spark for Natural Selection 2, which is under continued post-launch development. New rendering features, performance improvements and other technical changes are made on a monthly basis. As we move towards other projects using Spark, we will continue to add and improve its capabilities.

Where can I find comprehensive Spark documentation?

Spark is the new kid on the block, and at the moment there is no comprehensive, central documentation. Over the coming months, we will be improving Spark documentation.