Version update and news

As development on NS continued, we realized that there was way too much going into this patch to call it the diminutive-sounding "v2.1". So it’s with great pleasure, that we announce that the next version we release will be v3.0! The changes are listed above, and that info will be updated with screenshots and more info soon.

In league news, the CAL pre-season finals are this weekend, so you won’t want to miss them. Also, we are happy to announce that the United Gaming Syndicate, the second most prominent league in North America, is opening an NS division! Pre-season starts November 30th, check #ugs-ns on GAMESnet for more information. Lastly, the great Australian NS resource finals happened this last weekend, and the well-known clan Set To Fade walked away with first place.

This weekend, the first NS-only LAN is taking place in New York City! Max and Flayra from the NS dev team will be attending, along with fifty or so of the most hard-core East Coast NS fans around. Sign-ups have long-ended, so you probably can’t still go if you haven’t registered already. For more info, visit #nslan-nyc on GamesNET. We’ll try to post pictures of the dev team getting ripped apart by the players that know the game better then we do…

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