NS v3.1 enters testing

We are pleased to announce that development on Natural Selection v3.1 is coming to its end. Particularily, we concluded work on the non-Nexus components of this new version faster than anticipated and see no reason not to pass this on to our players. You can view the changelog [file=changelogs/v31p-changelog.html]here[/file].

Members of the Constellation program will be invited to join us during the final testing stage of NS v3.1. This is on the one hand to thank them for their ongoing support, and, on the other, to stress-test v3.1’s game balance for an extra bit of polish to the final public product. We will open NS v3.1’s tests for two to three weeks, beginning on the 6th of August (Constellation members joining after the test starts will still be allowed to test 3.1).

If you have further questions regarding NS v3.1 or the Constellation test, check the FAQ on our forums.