Natural Selection Server Patch 1.01

The first server patch has been released. You do NOT have to download this unless you run a server. The list of changes can be found [file=changelogs/v101-changelog.html]here[/file]!

Please make sure to put "1.01" somewhere in your server name so players know if you’ve updated. The patch is 2.1 megabytes and contains both the linux and win32 versions. The MD5 is "d1e2203d818c405d32919de5e66c9f0c". #1 #2

In other news, we have our new forums installed. All accounts and and posts are preserved. Most passwords have been reset, so when logging in, choose the "e-mail password" if you have trouble getting in.

Lastly, an Invision Boards skin expert needed. We need someone to make a skin for the NS forums that fits with the site and uses the colors and images from the old forum. If you can do this, please send us the Skin.tar for us to use and you’ll have the team’s undying gratitude. E-mail MonsieurEvil if you have questions.

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