Decoda 1.03 released

Decoda version 1.03 has just been released. This update fixes several compatibility issues we’re observed now that Decoda is out in the "real-world". In addition to improving compatibility with all applications, this version also enables debugging of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. If you’re experiencing any difficulties getting Decoda to work with your application, please let us know at — we love to fix problems!

If you have auto-updates enabled, Decoda will automatically detect the update and download it (you can also manually do this by selecting Help/Check For Updates from the menu). Otherwise grab and run the latest installer from here.

Here’s the change list for version 1.03:

  • Fixed debugging Dawn of War
  • Fixed compatibility with Lua 5.0
  • Fixed compatibility with code compiled with the Intel Optimizing Compiler
  • Fixed crash when the Lua functions had subroutine calls in the function prolog code
  • Fixed deadlock when there was an error loading a script
  • Fixed bug where the project explorer window would draw incorrectly when opening the context menu
  • Fixed bug where the short form of the file name would sometimes by displayed when opening a file by double clicking on it in Explorer
  • Reduced redraw flickering in the Project Explorer window

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