Coming Up: Seamoth

Posted by Hugh 4 days ago

A new Subnautica update is under construction. It’s going to be called ‘Seamoth,’ and could arrive anywhere between two and four weeks from now (Or more! Always exercise caution when listening to our release time predictions…). Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming:

The Seamoth update centres on that eponymous submersible. When the Habitat Update was released earlier this month, the giant Moon Pool gave the Seamoth a home. It kept the Seamoth safe, but that’s about it.

A new ‘Seamoth Upgrade Console’ will expand the utility of the Moon Pool. The console is a modular component that can be installed in any of the six available hardpoints in the Moon Pool. Once built, it will allow a proud …


Subnautica Multiplayer: When, if, how, and why.

Posted by Hugh 2 weeks ago
Subnautica Observatory

Subnautica multiplayer is a question of Cyclops-sized proportions. Every day, several threads pop up on the Steam and Unknown Worlds Subnautica forums asking: “When will Subnautica get multiplayer?.” For a time, an old forum post of mine served as the answer. Now, the Captain of the ship, Charlie (Flayra) has weighed in.

This is Charlie’s┬átake on the current status of multiplayer in Subnautica:

“Adding multiplayer support to Subnautica is something we would love to do. In fact, the game was originally conceived of as a co-op experience. However, as we started to develop the game, we skipped multiplayer to be able to release the game faster.

Now we find ourselves in a difficult situation: we all really want co-op


Habitat Update Released

Posted by Hugh 3 weeks ago

The Habitat Update is now available! Build an underwater home with Moon Pools, Observatories, large compartments, bulkhead doors, and more. Head over to the Habitat Update website to see all the new features in action, or stay on this page to see an update video, and screenshots.

Steam will automatically download the Habitat Update. Don’t have Subnautica in your Steam library yet? Get a copy of Subnautica in the Steam Store.

Subnautica Moon Pool

Inside a Moon Pool

The Moon Pool is the new king of sea-base components. This massive structure can be used to dry-dock a Seamoth submersible. The Moon Pool can be customised to your preference with reinforcements, windows, and multiple attachment points for corridors.

Subnautica Observatory

Place and Observatory to view