Coming Next: Seabases

Posted by Hugh 1 day ago
Subnautica Sea bases

There’s two big pieces of Subnautica news today. The first is that we’ve got a whole bunch of work-in-progress seabase stuff to show you. The second is that we’ve just released a new Subnautica update – It doesn’t contain seabases, but it makes lots of additions and improvements to the game. Read on to find out more!

Earlier this month, the Cyclops Submarine was released. That massive machine represented the first opportunity to set up a base of exploration away from the Life Pod. That’s important, because without the Cyclops, it is necessary to continuously return to the Life Pod to craft equipment and stock up on supplies. Now, it’s time to take the freedom offered by the Cyclops even …


New loot system and tech tree design

Posted by charlie 4 days ago

If you’ve been playing the Experimental branch of Subnautica on Steam Early Access this week, you may have noticed that the entire loot system and crafting tech tree have been reworked. I wanted to write something quick detailing the what and why of these big changes.

There were a few basic problems I wanted to solve:

  • It wasn’t clear for players where to find a particular type of loot. Sometimes this was due to the loot being in too many different places or because the loot element itself was abstract or overly-scientific (Carbon, Membrane, Rutile, etc.). Players would see what elements they need in the crafting menu, but then have no idea where to find it.
  • Many recipes were very

Cyclops Submarine Released

Posted by Hugh 3 weeks ago

A giant drive-able submarine featuring a submersible launch bay, dive chamber, and more is now available in Subnautica. Play with it now by purchasing Subnautica on Steam. The Cyclops is over 50 meters long, has multiple decks, and enables you to explore the ocean further and deeper than ever before.

Build a Cyclops submarine using the Constructor. Craft a Constructor at the Fabricator on your Lifepod, and then feed the required resources into the Constructor. The Cyclops will form above the water surface, before crashing down ready for you to board.


The Cyclops has two decks. The lower deck houses the dive chamber, a modular storage compartment, a Seamoth submersible docking bay and a companionway in the stern that leads to the …