Power Nap Update Released

Posted by Hugh 4 weeks ago

The Power Nap Update has been released on Steam! This update is for Steam users only. We also have an update coming for Xbox One. To be notified when we update on Xbox, subscribe the the Subnautica Xbox mailing list.

Check out the Power Nap Update site to see all the juicy, energizing details about what’s included.

Recharge your batteries using the new Battery Charger. The Battery Charger can be used to recharge exhausted batteries for flashlights, light arrays, and more.


Have depleted powercells as well? You can also create Powercell Charger for all your powercell charging needs.


Time to rest your weary head on your new bed. Three options for beds make all your Habitat dreams come true. Complete …


Subnautica Xbox Preview Releases on 17 May

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago
subnautica xbox one release date

We’ve left it until the last minute to tell you, because we wanted to be absolutely sure it will happen: Subnautica is releasing on Xbox on the 17th of May, at 12am your local time.

Subnautica is available on Xbox as a ‘Game Preview’ – This is a way of saying ‘This game is in the early stages of development.’ It’s not finished. In fact, the Xbox version is (for now) a little way behind the Steam version.

Just like the Steam version, we will update Subnautica on Xbox regularly. Our first task is to add the Farming & Machinery updates. To receive Xbox specific development updates, follow the Subnautica Xbox Twitter and Subnautica Xbox Facebook pages.…


Machinery Update Released

Posted by jessica 2 months ago

A new update is available on Steam for Subnautica. Check out the Machinery Update site for more.

The latest and greatest technology in the world of Subnautica is the Map Scanner room. These rooms can be built on to existing habitats, or can stand alone. Map Scanner rooms will scan nearby seafloor, searching for a select array of resources. Additionally, there are two exterior cameras that can be piloted remotely. Upgrades bring additional benefits.

Map Scanner Room

The Cyclops gets a massive technology overhaul. Improvements include better proximity sensors, a hull camera, deeper dives, functioning lockers, and more.


Bio Reactors and Nuclear Reactors are officially an option. Bio Reactors require plant matter to function, Nuclear Reactors require Reactor Rods. Both must be …