Subnautica Concept: Cyclops Engine Room

Posted by Hugh 5 days ago
Subanutica Concept Cyclops Engine Room

This is not floating-metal-hulk-simulator 2016, people, our submarines need engines! A few decades ago, we showed off pre-alpha screenshots that featured a Cyclops submarine.

Subnautica Pre-Alpha Screenshot

Cyclops Sub and Stalkers

The Cyclops is the first major submarine we have added to Subnautica (Though not the first underwater vehicle!). Those who played Subnautica at PAX East 2014 were able to board it, walk around, and pilot it.

Cyclops Submarine Concept

Cyclops Submarine Concept by Pat

But much of the Cyclops’ internal structure was closed off. On an upper deck, a Seamoth submersible was parked, but apart from that there was not much going on. Crucially, there was no access to the engine room. Soon, that will change…

Subanutica Concept Cyclops Engine Room

Cyclops engine room with moving parts marked

The above …


Friday Subnautica dev blog

Posted by charlie 2 weeks ago

New dev blog

We’ve been inspired by the Rust Friday devblogs, and thought we’d try doing them ourselves. Not sure if they will be worthwhile, but we’re hoping to keep them image and video heavy, using just the media we happened to create this week and shared with each other. We weren’t planning on releasing any of this media, or else we would’ve made it look a bit nicer…

Procedural to hand-crafted

About a year ago, we had tons of low-fidelity, but totally playable prototypes (which we’re hoping to release to you – details coming). I was thinking that we had the game “in the bag” and that it was merely a question of arting things up. Boy was …


Warper Concept & Starship Update

Posted by Hugh 4 weeks ago
Subnautica Concept Art

In real life / meatspace / on Planet Earth, the underwater world is often more ‘alien’ than we realise. It is surprisingly hard to come up with ideas for Subnautica creatures that are alien, when so much of the real underwater world is so utterly incredible.

Get a high resolution version of the Warper concept here.

The Warper though? We will bet our left kidney that you have never seen one of these on a diving trip. The Warper could have crazy gameplay effects: If you choose to follow it through its portal, you might end up far from your submarine, supplies, and not be able to work out where you are.

A few weeks ago, we showed off the