Cyclops Progress Update

Posted by Hugh 21 hours ago

Setting ambitious objectives is a great way to push yourself harder. Even if a high-jumper hits a high bar, they are likely to have jumped to a greater height than if they had set a conservative goal. That’s a good analogy for where the Subnautica development team is with the Cyclops today. We originally wanted to deliver you a massive submarine this week, but we haven’t quite completed sea trials yet. We’re not sure when it will be finished, but we think it’s very likely that the Cyclops will arrive in-game next week.

The Cyclops is a beast. Multiple decks, compartments, a docking bay for the Seamoth submersible: This is the big daddy of underwater transportation. At the moment, …


The Cyclops is Coming

Posted by Hugh 1 week ago

Until now, the only way to brave Subnautica’s ocean depths has been in a divesuit, a Seaglide personal-water-craft, or a Seamoth submersible. None of those are very big. Soon, that will all change. The Cyclops submarine is a massive underwater machine: It is capable of diving to great depths, providing on-board supply replenishment, construction, and repair, and the launch and retrieval of smaller vehicles like the Seamoth.

To get an idea of the scale of the Cyclops, look at the screenshot above. The Seamoth submersible, itself much bigger than a diver, is visible about 30 metres in front of the Cyclops. At the heart of the submarine is the propulsion unit, housed on the upper deck towards the stern. Here is a …


Subnautica Update 8 Released!

Posted by Hugh 2 weeks ago

The Stasis Rifle, Save & Load, the experimental Terraformer, Bleeders, Bonesharks, and more: A new Subnautica update is available on Steam! Grab a copy of Subnautica Early Access to play. Here’s a video that runs through some of the major additions:

Tell us what you think about Update 8 here on the forums, via the in-game feedback system, on Twitter, and wherever else you can find us!

The Stasis Rifle allows you to fire a stasis field, freezing any life form trapped inside. This is pretty useful for getting around dangerous creatures!


The terraformer is an experimental tool that allows you to mess with Subnautica’s voxel terrain. Hold shift and right click to gather material, and then …