A Flood of Dead Bugs

Posted by Hugh 2 weeks ago

Some Subnautica updates are flashy, fancy, and full of fantastic features. Some of them are a little more low key, delivering subtle changes and improvements. Today, we’ve released an update of the latter kind. There is one new feature: the Flood Light. Otherwise, it’s chock full of dead bugs.

The Flood Light is a new craft-able item, added by Andi. When placed, it will illuminate a large area. You might find it particularly useful for illuminating work areas around Seabases at night. After the Aurora explodes, search for a Flood Light fragment in amongst the wreckage that flies out and lands on the sea floor.

Max has made a significant graphical improvement. Previously, lots of objects in the game …


H2.O Stability Update

Posted by Hugh 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone! A few days ago, we released the H2.O update. As usual, we aimed to release an update with zero bugs and perfect stability. Just like all other game developers do. Unfortunately, we fell a little short. H2.O had a few problems. For example, certain AMD Radeon graphics cards have been experiencing crashes. Some players have been… spinning uncontrollably.

Today we have released a small update that addresses some of these issues:


  • Fixed uncontrollable spinning.
  • Fixed blurry PDA icons.
  • Fixed a crash on certain Radeon cards.
  • Fixed flare FX when picked up.
  • Toggle-able lights now save state
  • Improved translations


The update will download automatically via Steam.

We will continue to work to improve the H2.O update, and …


H2.O Update Released

Posted by Hugh 4 weeks ago

Here is the water you have always wanted! The H2.O update completely overhauls the graphics in Subnautica Early Access: new surface water, longer draw distances, richer colors, pitch black night-time, even solar eclipses! See it in action on the H2.O Update Website. The entire ocean has received a makeover. H2.O is not just a set of tweaks: Max has rebuilt whole chunks of Subnautica’s graphics rendering system. Almost everywhere you swim, you will find a new look inviting you to explore.

Subnautica’s day night / cycle is now vastly more striking. Multiple moons interact with a bright star in different ways throughout the day. Here is the ocean surface at sunrise:


H2.O is not just a pretty face. The …