Subnautica Earliest Access

Posted by charlie 7 days ago

Since creating the first underwater prototype in January of 2013, I’ve been obsessed with the underwater and the unknown. Actually, this obsession goes back much farther than that, which is why you can feel its influence in the name of our company, Unknown Worlds. I really wanted to make games that take players to fantastic, rich, alien worlds.

Now the Subnautica team has been growing like mad. From just me, to over 25. Along the way, we’ve made quite a few prototypes to help us “find the fun” in this strange game about being a scientist on a submerged alien planet. It’s now our pleasure to share those with you.

These prototypes will unlock at a rate of one per …


Subnautica Concept Art: Gasopod

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago
Subnautica Gasopod

Of all the creature concepts floating around the Subnautica ocean, I feel as though the Gasopod is the most misunderstood. See here the revulsion as a diver enters a cloud of goop discharged by the creature:


It is as though the diver is rejecting the goop. Whatever it is. Maybe it is acidic, eating in the their face mask. Maybe it is interfering with their re-breather. Whatever it is doing, has anyone stopped to consider how the Gasopod feels in all of this?


We should all try to approach the Gasopod with a friendlier attitude, and not turn up our flippers at the offputting gunk being discharged from its rear end. We should be more inclusive, and open minded, about …


Subnautica Submarine Flooding Prototype

Posted by Hugh 2 months ago

Subnautica features submarines. What happens when you drive a submarine into a rock, or a large alien life form gets a little too friendly? Watch this video to find out:

Sylvain has been hard at work creating these effects. This is a technical prototype, and not representative of the quality of the final game.

As the water level rises, there is less and less room to hide, and to breath. Perhaps if a submarine is not repaired fast enough, it will sink – And all the hard work that has gone into customising it, all the equipment stored on board, and even your life could be lost.…