Gorge Plushies Available Now!

Posted by Hugh 10 hours ago


Shipments of Gorge Plushies have begun! If you ordered a Gorge Plushie in the original crowdfunding campaign, it is on its way! What’s more, it is now possible to order Gorge Plushies directly, at GorgePlushie.com. International shipping options are available!

I can only imagine how messy Dillon ‘WasabiOne’ Savage’s garage must look right now, with plushies and boxes everywhere……


Upcoming NSL Events

Posted by Hugh 4 days ago

There are some sweet Natural Selection League (NSL) events coming up very soon. The first is a Draft Tournament on June 27th. There are only about 24 hours left to sign up. You don’t need to be part of a team to participate in this tournament – Teams are formed especially for it!

The second involves capturing the Gorge. And shotguns. This is a winning combination! The Skulks with Shotguns tournament is happening on July 5. Grab four buddies and register a team today!

For more NSL news, head over to the NSL website and follow @NSLNews on Twitter.


The CDT Needs You

Posted by Hugh 3 weeks ago

Thanks to hard-yakka by McGlaspie and other Community Development Team members, a new Natural Selection 2 ‘build machine‘ is up and running. This means prototype builds of new version of NS2 are going to start popping out very soon!

Naturally, new builds will volunteers to test, poke and prod them. This is a great opportunity to contribute to and influence the shape of future version of NS2. Fill out the application form today!

This is an exciting time in the life of NS2. Over the past few months, development has lain dormant as new build infrastructure was prepared. A call for volunteer playtesters is a sign that the volcano is rumbling……