Future of the Reinforcement Program

Posted by Hugh 1 week ago

In August 2013, Unknown Worlds (UWE) launched the ‘Reinforcement Program’  (the ‘NS2: RP’). This program offered a bunch of cool stuff, like Shadow Skulks and Elite Assault Marines, to anyone who wanted to support Natural Selection 2 development.

Over the course of its life, the NS2:RP has raised $260,000 from approximately 4,900 people. The original target of $550,000, which may have allowed UWE to fund a new major free expansion (Like Gorgeous and Reinforced). That target was very ambitious, and at UWE, we consider the sum raised from NS2: RP to be a great success. Without it, NS2 would look very different today, two years on from its release.


Sales of the Reinforcement Program over the first month

Today, the NS2 Community Development


REAPER & Build 270 Live on Steam

Posted by WasabiOne 3 weeks ago

Fear is coming: The Reaper Alien Skin Pack transforms Natural Selection 2’s alien lifeforms into a new, terrifying form. Pale like death’s horse and bones as black as death itself cut through the light and bring darkness to those who oppose. Only the bravest marines stand against these vicious, mutated Kharaa!

The Community Development Team (CDT) announces more customization to NS2 with the release of the REAPER alien skin pack! In the pack you get five new Alien Skins, one for each of the Alien Classes and a special REAPER Shoulder Pad for marine players. Halloween is the best time to dress up in ghoulish costume, now you can wear your REAPER outfit in NS2 to suit your own devilish …


NS2: Combat Release Date Announced!

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago

Prepare to be devoured. Combat is back. After a year of development, this one-time Natural Selection 2 mod is going standalone: On October 31.

combatscreen1Eleven years ago, a mod called Natural Selection was released. Nine years later, that mod spawned a stand-alone game: Natural Selection 2. Now, Combat is the mod evolving from to a fully-fledged stand alone game on Steam. Faultline Games formed from the Combat modding team, and has spent the last year rewriting and recreating the classic mod. Check out who is on the Faultline team right here.


Combat is a faster paced, more tactical, more intense take on the Natural Selection style of multiplayer shooter. It does not feature the strategic top-down commander role, and puts tactical …