Build 269 Live on Steam

Posted by WasabiOne 4 weeks ago

Natural Selection 2 Build 269 is now live on Steam!

Work never stops on NS2, all of us on the Community Development Team (CDT) have been hard at work to fix, load time, crash, and other issues that players have been reporting. We hope that Build 269 will help those players experience the improvements from Builds 267 and 268 like the rest of the community and see why there is no better time to be playing NS2 than now! Since this is a maintenance patch you will notice our changelog is not as massive as the last couple, but have no fear it is all quality over quantity.

Moving forward the CDT has laid out plans for the upcoming holiday …


Build 268 Live on Steam

Posted by WasabiOne 1 month ago

Natural Selection 2 Build 268 is now live on Steam!

Although it has only been a couple weeks since the release of Build 267, we bring you this new build full of exciting changes and fixes! Build 268 at its core is a balance patch and you can find those adjustments below, these changes are inspired or directly pulled from the popular COMPMOD. 268 also brings more UI enhancements from NS2+ and other general bug fixes, especially those pesky client crashes!

We continue to be inspired and driven from the comments and feedback from all of you in the NS2 universe. Thank you so much for your time and help in solving some of the crashing issues too. Be on …


Build 267 Live on Steam

Posted by WasabiOne 2 months ago

Natural Selection 2 Build 267 is now live on Steam!

This build has been a labor of love from those who have worked on it. The CDT (Community Dev Team) has expanded both in members and scope in this, the latest patch for NS2. It’s possibly the biggest patch in months and we’re all very excited and proud of it. We hope you enjoy what will hopefully be a smoother and more enjoyable NS2 experience.

There’s new graphical options, new sound options, improvements to frame timing and notably less hitching. Those with old fashioned mechanical hard drives and even SSDs will notice less hitching and smoother gameplay. If you have friends who have NS2 and not played in a while, …