Work Continues!

Posted by WasabiOne 2 months ago

Yes the Community Development Team is alive and well, admit it you were getting worried. Have no fear though, as we have been working tirelessly in the background on some exciting new things! Over the past few months we have continued to expand our thoughts and plans for the continued support and evolution of NS2 and you can see those ideas on our Trello Board.

Currently we are putting the final touches on our CDT Build Server, this will allow the CDT more control over the build and testing process for NS2 moving forward and will also help streamline our pipeline and our long term plans. This is being worked on by McGlaspie and his big efforts are finally …


HOTFIX Build 274 Live on Steam

Posted by WasabiOne 4 months ago

Sometimes you release something you think is good to go, but sometimes bugs find a way of coming out anyway. This was the case with Build 273, not to fear cause here is the HOTFIX patch. The CDT hopes that this will resolve people’s issues with the previous release and thank you to everyone in the community for your plogs and technical support files! Now here is to the “REAL” Build 273 :)

Remove erroneous file exists check in particle handling (fixes Shotgun & other bad hitching)
Ensure servers actually try to update all mods on changemap
Remove curl progress reporting spamming server consoles
Fixed damage types; Onos, bile bomb, Flamethrower, axe & Welder. (Onos were upset. Not good.)
Fixed …


Build 273 Live on Steam

Posted by WasabiOne 4 months ago

Hot off the heels of Build 272, we are happy to bring you our first update of 2015. We closed out 2014 with a bang, two months of sales bringing all sorts of new and old players back to NS2 and we have been retaining a good number of them. Thank you!

While these last few patches have been smaller they have also introduced some great new stability and efficiency to NS2. We continue to work on this and refine the changes we made in hopes of making NS2 run better than ever and to make room for future changes and updates.

What’s on the horizon? Well the Community Development Team is hard at work migrating some of the backend …