NSL Summer Competitions

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago
Natural Selection 2

Did you think you were going to go outside this summer? Think again. There is heaps of competitive NS2 play coming over the next few months. Grab a firm hold of your mouse and keyboard, avoid the sun, and start practicing your positioning!

Head on over to http://www.ensl.org/articles/881 for details.…


Combat Developer Q&A with Faultline Games

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago

Some of us just want to eat people. Err – As an Onos. And thanks to Faultline Games, we’re soon to be able to again.

Join the Faultline development team this Saturday 21 June at 1200PDT, 1500EDT, 2100CEST on http://twitch.tv/faultlinegames for live Q&A.

Steam Event
Facebook Event
G+ Event

Faultline Games is an elite group of highly trained assassins very clever developers who started out as Natural Selection 2 modders. Now, they have formed a fully fledged company and are soon to release Combat as a stand alone game on Steam!

Join the Q&A, tell them how good their hair looks, as them some tough questions, and get prepped for Combat!…


Build 266 Now Live on Steam!

Posted by wasabi 2 months ago

Natural Selection 2 Build 266 is now live on Steam! Today’s release is the culmination of weeks of hard work by the new NS2 CDT – Community Development Team. A patch that has been developed entirely by the NS2 community – we are very proud and humbled to release it to you all. While it might be short in scope and stature, we hope you’ll find that your experience is now a little more refined.

This patch was created by the community, for the community and with Unknown World’s blessing. They have taken a gamble on us, but our shared passion for the Natural Selection franchise is what got us here today. Things like bug fixes and popular features have …