Combat Standalone Revealed

Posted by Hugh 5 days ago

Ever since the dawn of the original Natural Selection, itself a Half-Life mod, people have been modding Natural Selection. One of the most enduring and compelling mods ever made for Natural Selection is Combat: A game in which alien and human face off in an arena, leveling up abilities and fighting to destroy each others’ bases.

Natural Selection 2: Combat

When Natural Selection 2 was released as stand alone game, it represented a modding idea becoming a commercial success. That success allowed an entire development studio to thrive: Today, the success of Natural Selection 2 has allowed Unknown Worlds to grow and reveal a new game, Subnautica.

Combat is now about to have that same chance. Some time this year, Combat will be …


Build 264 now live on Steam

Posted by Hugh 1 month ago

Natural Selection 2 Build 264 is now live on Steam. Build 264 is tiny, minuscule, so small that if it was orbiting the Sun we might not call it a planet.

We would not normally release a build this small, but some of the changes are security-related. As a result, we’ve chosen to bring just those changes forward and retarget 265 as the next main NS2 build.

Here is the changelog:

Critical docking exploit fixed
Reduced variance in time updates between frames on the client (thanks Matso!)
Fixed crash when the server received an improperly formed packet (thanks Camron!)
Fixed crash issue with CoordsArray (thanks Deco!)
Updated the URL for LaunchPad to point to the new server address for news…


NS2 Map Asset Release: Derelict

Posted by Andrew 1 month ago
Natural Selection 2 Concept Art

During any game development project, many concepts and ideas will be explored, not all of which will see the light of day. Games must necessarily be limited in scope, or they will never be finished, let alone profitable!¬†Often, these concepts will be consigned to the dustbin of studio history. A forgotten folder on someone’s hard-drive, ¬†tossed away like a forgotten Bitcoin. This isn’t something we want to happen to all the work we put into the Derelict map concept.

If Biodome is a map that expresses life as a force contained by humanity, Derelict is its opposite: a map in which life has broken free of the constraints imposed on it by humans, and now runs rampant an abandoned facility. …