Enter the Roadmap

Posted by remi 2 weeks ago

Many of you have wondered what goes on behind the scenes, and what our long term plans are. In the earlier phases of this project we only had a 3 month contract and so we didn’t have as much freedom to “think big”. Now we are unchained. We have been given the green light to continue developing NS2 and it looks like we will be able to do so for at least another 6-9 months.

In the past the goals we communicated were more focused on discrete metrics: player retention, number of concurrents, and the number of copies sold. But those are just tools to measure our progress. Our aim for NS2 has always been larger than what those metrics


Update 307 live on Steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 2 weeks ago

Progress! These last couple weeks we have been working towards some of our larger goals for the game. We have had multiple public and private test sessions with the upgraded Luajit changes and it is very close to public release. Dependency on Awesomium has been removed and should help with stability and memory leaks. HIVE 2.0 will be launching in parallel to the existing HIVE sometime over the next week using extensions. This will allow us to test our new system in the public and see how well the algorithms and data collection are working and allow us to make some final tweaks before removing the old version entirely (more detail on this in a separate blog post soon).



Update 306 is now live on steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 4 weeks ago

Our latest build continues on the path of refinement and stability, and although small there are some nice changes in this patch. Those of you with antivirus woes when opening NS2 should no longer have an issue as all our windows binaries are digitally signed and secure. As stated in the blog post earlier this week, we increased the size of the melee attack on both the skulk and fade and this change is no longer an extension but part of the vanilla code. We have also decided to slightly bump up skulk HP requiring an additional 2 bullets to make contact.

Behind the scenes we are continuing our work on HIVE 2, which is coming along nicely and should