A long time ago, we created the Half-Life mod Natural Selection. We helped pioneer the “early access” model when we started selling the earliest versions of Natural Selection 2.  We have since created our own technology (Spark) and used it to build the commercial sequel (Natural Selection 2) on Steam. We are now working on Subnautica which we’ve released on Steam Early Access. Shipping early and often is in our blood.

In the beginning, we were a couple people in Boston. Then, a few people in an office in San Francisco. Over time our team has naturally grown and moved all over the world (London, Wales, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria, Thailand, Russia, etc.). Today we are a fully distributed team that uses many modern tools and methodologies to ship game updates every two weeks to Steam. Who knows what we will look like tomorrow.

We hang out in HipChat. We meet live in Teamspeak and We create short sprints of tasks and track bugs on Trello. And we are starting to have full-team on-sites in San Francisco, sometimes meeting for the first time after many years of working together (in-person is great, just difficult). Because our team is distributed around the world, we must do these things. But because we also believe in open development, we share these inner workings with the public and our community as well. Our audience grows this way and we also hire from this same pool, so the cycle continues.

People here sometimes switch roles or volunteer to do something that is important to them to learn new skills, help someone else out or try something new. We have very specific company and project goals but generally work better by “doing” over “planning”. We hired a Producer who became a Technical Artist. A programmer who was a fan of our games stopped by office on his two-year around the world trip and now he’s our lead programmer. This industry changes so quickly and we’ve learned that we must too.

If you are self-motivated, love working with wild (and opinionated) group all around the group, and love making great PC games, we want to hear from you.

For programming candidates, please perform our programming test here. For other candidates, please e-mail your cover letter (very important!) and examples of your work to us at We sometimes have developer meetups where you can introduce yourself in person.

We look forward to building something wonderful with you.

Unknown Worlds is an Equal Opportunity Employer.