We are an agile and informal team. Nine of us work in downtown San Francisco (video), and dedicated people contribute from all over the world. People often switch roles or volunteer to do something that is important to them to learn new skills, help someone else out or try something new. We have very specific company and project goals but generally work better by “doing” over “planning”.

Unknown Worlds began with the creation of the Half-Life mod Natural Selection. We have since created our own technology (Spark) and used it to build a successful commercial sequel – Natural Selection 2. We are now improving NS2 and looking to the future with great excitement!

We are looking for talented, passionate people who want to help us create wonderful gaming experiences. For programming candidates, please perform our programming test here. For other candidates, please e-mail your cover letter (very important!) and links to your work to us at (resume optional). You can also come to our monthly Postmortems to introduce yourself in person.

We look forward to meeting you.

Unknown Worlds is an Equal Opportunity Employer.